Xbox Game Pass Bug Stops Players From Playing Certain Games

A strange but has been found out on Xbox One over the past days, denying players access to some of their own games due to Xbox Game Pass. This Xbox Game Pass bug may cause some games to be inaccessible due to your subscription not being renewed, even if you own the game in a physical copy.

This error has been discussed over at Reddit where users have shared their own experiences, stating that they even got the bug without ever using Xbox Game Pass.

The post has been submitted by Reddit user nerdaftermathfx, who reported that he’s unable to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, which he owns as a physical disc. The error message he gets tell him to renew his Xbox Game Pass, denying the game to start up. Funny thing is, he never used Xbox Game Pass.

Another user has the same error with Halo 5, which he also owns. He hasn’t renewed his subscription to the service but it blocked him out of Halo 5 too. He states that he even tried installing it offline, getting a ‘0x8b050066’ error.

Microsoft is already looking into this issue as Kotaku reported. The company’s representative stated:

“We’re committed to ensuring customers have access to games they have acquired. We’re aware of the claims and working to validate and resolve.”

This isn’t the first time the Xbox services as not working as intended since a few weeks ago a huge security breach has been found on Xbox Live. Players found out that their real name was visible to everyone even they had their security options set to block it. The issue was reported on Reddit as well.

In related news, Microsoft had been building up its cloud gaming division for a few years and also acquired companies like PlayFab for this purpose. The division will focus solely on cloud game development.

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