Xbox Are Continuing their Push with Big Triple A Games into 2016

After ending 2015 on a high, Microsoft have said that they will continue to push into 2016 with bigger and better games

While the Xbox One may not have had the best of reveals, it is fair to say that Microsoft have managed to turn it around. While it may not win any “console war” 2015 proved to be a strong year for the console.

In a recent interview on GamerTag Radio Aaron Greenberg Microsoft’s Marketing Lead made it clear that the company are not stopping with their push to release even better titles for the Xbox One:

“I think people know we are not stopping and in many ways we are even increasing the number of great AAA games that are coming. We have to do some thinking about how many titles can we launch in one holiday. We don’t have the final data for December yet, but our exclusive titles this holiday sold 88 percent more units than our exclusive titles last holiday.”

With titles such as Quantum Break, Gears of War and ReCore providing strong exclusives for the console, gamers who have chosen the Xbox have plenty to look forward to. On top of these there are also the games that are cross-platform. Though the loss of Street Fighter 5 is sure to be one that is felt by the Xbox One console owners.

Even without Street Fighter 5 though 2016 is looking strong for Xbox One, and it becoming a console that people can actually have some trust in. Hopefully this will lead to more people buying it which in turn will be good for the gaming industry as a whole.

2016 should be a good year for gamers, with not just consoles but the move to VR. With the Microsoft and Sony having confidence in their consoles, this should be a good sign for us all.

Do you think the Xbox One will do good in 2016? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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