New Xbox App Update Promises To Improve Search Results

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for the Xbox app that promises to fix its broken search bar and inaccurate search results.

According to patch notes shared earlier today, the new Xbox app update finally “improves search results for all PC Game Pass titles, including ones from EA Play and Ubisoft.” The update also includes a couple of minor fixes for custom touch controls for cloud games and accessibility features.

The much-needed update arrives around a month after the Xbox community rallied together to strongly request Microsoft to fix the searching capabilities of the Xbox app as soon as possible. Trying to search for a specific game was nearly impossible on the app because the search bar would search through descriptions of every listing instead of matching the query with the actual titles.

Hence, searching for Dead Cells for example would show results such as Martha is Dead, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, Back 4 Blood, Hades, and such. In another example, a search for Outer Wilds would result in The Outer Wilds because the app searched for Outer and Wilds as separate entities.

The broken state of the search bar made it incredibly frustrating to find a specific game to purchase or even search for users to connect on the Xbox app. The new update should solve those lingering problems from last year.

Just take note that Microsoft has only released the new Xbox app update 2205.1000.17.0 for Xbox Insiders on PC. The update should be rolled out globally for everyone in the coming days provided that there are no unprecedented issues.

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