Xbox And Nintendo Reveal Minecraft Crossplay Trailer, Getting Back At Sony?

Xbox and Nintendo have revealed a Minecraft Crossplay Trailer today, showing their united front towards playing together with friends. True friendship?

The console war in the video game industry has turned into a high school popularity contest after the backlash about Fortnite crossplay between Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 has been refused. Now, Nintendo and Microsoft are joining forces with a collaborative trailer for Minecraft Crossplay on their consoles.

Minecraft Crossplay has just become available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and the companies’ public reaction to the matter is too sarcastic. The Minecraft Crossplay trailer isn’t much of a tease to Sony as one would expect, however, the fact that it touches the “together” matter shows that Sony is on the wrong side of the river right now.

Now, the Twitter page of Nintendo of America returns the favor by posting a similar tweet asking if they want to play Minecraft together and build something, now that they can. Xbox replied like a true commenter, saying “Our bodies are ready. What are we building?

With Nintendo and Microsoft boarding on the “friendship train”, Sony is left to decide if they want to make a step in the right direction or act like a company interested in profit like the former head of Sony Online Entertainment revealed. Analysts have pointed out that Sony has to stop being arrogant on that matter, something that all fans can agree with.

As for Minecraft, it now has full crossplay support on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices running on iOS and Android. This adds up to existing titles with cross-play support Fortnite, Rocket League, Paladins, Chess Ultra, Pinball FX3, and  Mantis Burn Racing.

Whether this is a promotional campaign and a try to overthrow Sony from having the most popular console in the market or if this is actually a step in the right direction, it remains to be seen. For the time being, you can sit back and enjoy since this is the first time companies as big as Microsoft and Nintendo team up.

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