Xbox 360 Servers Not Shutting Down in November this Year

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has confirmed that they are not shutting down Xbox 360 servers in November this year unlike what the rumors suggested.

We have had enough reasons to know that we should not believe everything that the internet tells us, but let’s add another one to that list. There have been a number of rumors suggesting that Microsoft will shut down the Xbox 360 servers one of these days, the most prominent one was that the servers will be discontinued in November this year.

However, the head of Xbox division at Microsoft, Phil Spencer has refuted all those rumors saying that they are “not true.”

Spencer was questioned on his official Twitter account whether it was true that “sometime in November 2016, the xbox 360 live servers will be closed down,” his reply was a plain no.

One of the reasons why people feared that the Xbox 360 servers will be turned off this year was the fact that something similar happened to the Xbox Live 1.0 servers that supported the original Xbox.

The original Xbox was launched in November 2001 and the servers lived for more than nine years before being shut down in April 2010 – a little more than nine years later.

Now, if you look at the life of Xbox 360 servers they have already lasted for a longer time than that. Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005 and last year’s november was its tenth anniversary. Had Microsoft been wanting to keeping up with the practice we would have already said good bye to Xbox 360 live servers.

Thankfully that is not the case.

Nonetheless, there is no way to tell how long this will continue, but since we are well into the life cycle of the current generation, a time will soon come that the old servers get shut.

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