Rumor: Xbox 2 Will Be Revealed At E3 2019 With a Full Unveil in 2020

We have been hearing rumors for a long time now about what they next potential console for the Xbox will...

We have been hearing rumors for a long time now about what they next potential console for the Xbox will be, or as some people call in the Xbox 2. Now according to an alleged industry insider, we are finally getting some information on the next Xbox.

During Xbox event at E3 next month, we are supposedly getting a look at the specs, features and capabilities of the next Xbox aka Xbox Scarlett.

E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is the gaming industry’s showcase event where many company’s show off their latest games and in some cases new technology as well. But since the announcement back in 2013 of the release of the PS4 and the Xbox one, the itch for the next generation has not been scratched.

There has been much speculation of the ninth generation consoles in 2019 and since the latter part of 2018. These speculations have only intensified especially after the supposed PS5 reveal out of nowhere in April. The need for the next Xbox console has only increased.

According to the leak the tease for the next Xbox console will happen at E3 2019. Although we won’t get to see the physical console a array of specs are going to be revealed. This includes GPU, memory, SSD, as well as new technology such as ray- tracing.

This leak goes on to further say that the full reveal of the console won’t be happening till 2020. This makes sense though since the PS5 and the Xbox 2 rumors state that they will both be releasing in November of 2020.

Since the announcement back in 2018 that Sony would in fact be absent from E3 2019. This is the first time in the events history that Sony would not be attending. Naturally this has added a lot of pressure to Microsoft who will be attending the event.

So to reveal a little bit about the upcoming Xbox 2 wouldn’t be a surprise because they need to reveal something of substance.