X-Men: Destiny Dossiers Location Guide

If you want to find the Dossiers (character stories) in X-Men: Destiny, we have the locations for your assistance.

In X-Men: Destiny, Dossiers are the biographies of all the characters and factions. You can easily spot them since they are white and glow. However, if you are still struggling we have given all the X-Men Destiny Dossiers Locations below.

X-Men: Destiny Dossiers Location

You can earn two achievements/trophies when you collect Dossiers. First is Profiler that you can unlock by collecting one Dossier and second you unlock when you collect 15 Dossiers. You will find all the Dossiers with a brief description of their locations in our guide that follows.

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Mission 1 – Inciting Incident

Dossier – Quicksilver
Location. After your fight where you meet Quicksilver. Look for a green health box in the corner with the dossier next to it.

Dossier – Emma Frost
Location. During your fight with Emma Frost and other enemies, look for it in the corner next to the enemy that is constantly shooting at you.

Mission 2 Dossiers

Dossier – Hodge Factions
Location. After you meet Emma Frost, leave the jail cells and turn left. Now, look for it in the corner and you should find it.


Dossier – Pyro
Location. After crossing the bridge from where you find the propaganda poster. Defeat the enemies on the bridge and look for the dossier behind the water tower in this area.

Dossier – NightCrawler
Location. In the area where you ground the smash the satellite tower. Turn around to find this dossier lying on the couch nearby.

Dossier – Cyclops
Location. After you have made your mind to either side with Cyclops or Quicksilver, you will have to fight 50 enemies. Once you have defeated them, you will come across a checkpoint. This dossier is just before that checkpoint on the left on top of a trash container.

Mission 3 – Chinatown

Dossier – Mystique
Location. After fighting with the first batch of enemies, take the left leading to the bottom and you will come across a counter. This dossier can be found on that counter.

Dossier – Toad
Location. In the circular area after your fight with Northstar. Look for it in the alley with blinking yellow luck sign on the right.

Dossier – Externals Faction
Location. Go straight from Toad suite and make another right. You will find it on the left next to the metal fence.

Dossier – Gambit
Location. Once you have defeated Gambit and cutscene is over. Search his bar counter and you will find it.

Dossier – Iceman
Location. Once you have defeated all the enemies on the first rooftop, move to the next (Second) rooftop and instead of taking the right and moving down, make a left and go up to the very end to get this Dossier.

Mission 4 Dossiers

Dossier – U-Men Faction
Location. After you see Quicksilver, open the door and fight the enemies. As you enter the room, make a left and you will find this Dossier on the right side.

Dossier – Surge
Location. After defeating first stalker, look for it on the left side of that area.

Dossier –Colossus
Location. The dossier is in the control room’s far right corner. You will also find a Propaganda Poster and an X-gene here

Mission 5 – Uncovered

Dossier – Luis Reyes
Location. When Wolverine leaves you fighting against some enemies. Get to the platform and make a right. You will find a blinking orange light next to it.

Dossier – Wolverine
Location. After falling down from the previous dossier, you fight some enemies in the same area. Look for this dossier in the top right corner next to some computer terminals.

Mission 6 Dossiers

Dossier – Caliban
Location. When you choose your third power and defeat the stalker. Look for in the same area on your right side.

Dossier – Northstar
Location. After talking to Caliban, go through the gate and make a right twice. Look for it on the corner. At the gate you will have defeat like 30 enemies.

Dossier – Juggernaut
Location. After taking the challenge from Juggernaut, go to the next area and on your left you will find the checkpoint. Instead of taking the checkpoint, go straight till you come across 2 life orbs boxes. Look behind them for a door. You will find this dossier on the left of this door.

Dossier – Pixie
Location. After jumping over the cranes, you will break the floor and fall down. Once down, look to your right on the wall.

Mission 7 – Mutant War

Dossier – MRD Faction
Location. At the start of the mission, on your right.

Dossier – Magneto
Location. After defeating 3 mind controlling speakers with Toad, take the stairs up and you will find it in front of you.

Dossier – Forge
Location. After talk with the Forge, go through the big door in front, and make a left to go little further down in what looks like an open garage. There you will find this dossier.

Dossier – Bastion
Location. After reaching the top of the tower, don’t take the checkpoint, instead turn around and look for this dossier on the computer terminal.

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