WWE 2K22 Locker Codes Guide

Locker codes are quite useful in WWE 2k22 as they unlock cards as rewards for the myFACTION mode in the game. In this guide, we will be mentioning all the important details about WWE 2K22 locker codes. We will be explaining how to use the codes, listing all the codes, and what each code unlocks.

How to Use WWE 2K22 Locker Codes

The best part about Locker Codes is that they’re free to redeem so long as you have the codes, so using them is an excellent way to boost your wrestling squad.

The myFACTION mode in WWE 2K22 has a section that allows you to redeem codes. This enables you to build a group of four wrestlers by collecting. Since these cards have multiple tiers, they can also be upgraded.

Players will automatically get a card when they enter a locker code. Here is a detailed procedure of how one can enter locker codes in the game.

  • Access myFACTION game mode
  • Under myFACTION game mode, navigate to the “Redeem Locker Codes” tab.
  • PS users can make use of X button while Xbox users can make use of A button for this purpose.
  • Enter any of the available codes.
  • Enter the code in all caps and with no spaces as shown below.
  • If the players have entered the code without any mistake, the card should automatically appear in the player’s faction.
  • Players can use this procedure for any of the available locker codes in the game.

List of WWE 2K22 Locker Codes

Only two locker codes are available by this time in the game. However, a greater number of locker codes will be introduced into the game later as well.

Here are all the locker codes available by this time in WWE 2K22:

NOFLYZONE: This code allows you to obtain the Drew Gulak Emerald card.

YOUCOMPLETEDGM: This code allows you to obtain the Triple H Emerald Managers card.

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