WWE 2K20 MyCareer Guide

Check out our breakdown of the MyCareer story mode in WWE 2K20 to get an idea of the new features and storyline of the game

MyCareer allows players to create a Superstar and journey them through their storyline in WWE 2K20, while they square off with some of the most noticeable stars of the WWE Industry. WWE 2K20 is now the first game that allows female MyPlayers while employing the female role in to the player’s journey.

This walkthrough will refer to all the new components of MyCareer mode, that you may find in WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K20 MyCareer

In WWE 2K20 will be controlling the two friends, Red and Tre. Both of them will already be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. All of the stories or matches in the journey will be flashbacks through the careers of Red and Tre.

You will be allowed to name your characters differently, but they will be called as Red and Tre throughout the dialog. MyCareer story mode comprises eighteen (18) chapters, which further contains a hundred matches with hundreds of cutscenes.

While WWE 2K19 comprised of a multiverse, WWE 2K20 is set to have an inter-dimensional portal that will open up a few over-the-top fighting environments as you relive Red and Tre’s journey.

The List concept is included in this game, while Red and Tre have made a list of goals that works as a checklist so that you can understand and keep a record of your MyCareer story. There will be thirty-four (34) career goals in total.

Character Creation
Although Red will be the protagonist in the story, you will be required to make male and female characters. You will then be allowed to make a duo using the same ring gear. There will be style or archetypes while each of them will have restrictions.

Different Outcomes
You may have alternate endings instead of having Tre and Red wind up in the Hall of Fame. In this way, you will be allowed to form different results by role-playing differently. Although we don’t know how serious the changes would be, but different stories always prove to be better in such games.

There will be twelve new environments, fifteen outfits and parts of clothing that you may only receive from completing particular tasks in the MyCareer story.

Voiced Dialogue
There are two thousand and seven hundred (2,700) lines, with around nine hundred (900) lines of new commentary. The story will be voiced by over forty (40) members of the WWE roster.

MyCareer Tips

Here are a few tips on how you can progress through MyCareer.

Styling your Characters
The game will have a lot of options for you to create your character. So I suggest that you give a substantial amount of time into creating Red and Tre.

Go ahead and style them in all the different ways that you want, since this is your chance to make the most out of your dressing room.

Decide Appropriately
All your decisions will have different effects on the outcomes, thus you may want to focus on considering the consequences of your decisions.

Though you do not need to worry about deciding through more difficult decisions. So go ahead and choose through whatever you want your characters to do, and get to the Hall of Fame your own way.

Get your Grip
Alongside 18 chapters, a hundred matches, two hundred and seventy cut-scenes and about game-play worth twenty hours and two thousand and seven hundred lines of voiced dialogue. The game-play time does not include the time you may spend creating your character.

I advise that you try to take out the time to develop attributes and to progress through the storyline

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