WWE 2K20 Controls Guide

WWE 2K20 is just around the corner and fans of the series will be surprised to learn that there’s been quite the revamping of the control setup in the game. This changeup in the settings is primarily due to the fact that the developers wish to attract new players to the title. This revamping will make the game a more beginner-friendly experience for newcomers, however, it still maintains the nuances and complexities that veteran fans are familiar with. This guide will go over the new control scheme for the upcoming game, for both Xbox One and PS4.

WWE 2K20 Controls

The following will list down the button setup for all standard/advanced controls, carry & dragging controls, and more; the guide will also provide you with tips and other ancillary knowledge that will improve your experience with the game.

Standard Controls

Action PS4 Xbox
Control Superstar Left Toggle Left Toggle
Run L2 (Hold) + Left Toggle LT (Hold) + Left Toggle
Strike/Diving Action Square + Left Toggle (Any direction) X + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Strong Strike Square (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction) X (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Medium Grapple X + Left Toggle (Any direction) A + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Strong Grapple X (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction) A (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Submission R2 (Hold) + X (Hold) RT (Hold) + A (Hold)
Drag Opponent R2 (Hold) + X (Tap) RT (Hold) + A (Tap)
Lift Into Carry Position R2 (Hold) + Right Toggle (Any direction) RT (Hold) + Right Toggle (Any direction)
Signature/Finisher Square + Triangle X + A
Irish Whip (Standing) O + Left Toggle (Any direction) B + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Strong Irish Whip O (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction) B (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Pin O B
Reversal Reversal Y
Payback R2 (Hold) + Triangle RT (Hold) + Y
Pick Up Object L1 LB
Climb Apron/Middle Rope R1 (Tap) + Left Toggle (Any direction) RB (Tap) + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Exit/Enter Ring/Climb Top Rope R1 (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction) RB (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction)

Advanced Controls

Action PS4 Xbox
Wake Up Taunt Up (Directional Pad) Up (Directional Pad)
Taunt Crowd Left (Directional Pad) Left (Directional Pad)
Taunt Opponent Right (Directional Pad) Right (Directional Pad)
Toggle Signature/Finisher Down (Directional Pad) Down (Directional Pad)
Grab Opponent in Front Facelock Up (Right Toggle) Up (Right Toggle)
Working Hold (Front Facelock) X (Hold) A (Hold)
Limb Target (Front Facelock) R2 (Hold) + Square + Left Toggle (Any direction) RT (Hold) + X + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Limb Target (Grounded Opponent) R2 (Hold) + Square RT (Hold) + X
OMG! Moment Triangle + O Y + B
Leverage Pin R2 (Hold) + O RT (Hold) + B
Alternate Signature/Finisher R2 (Hold) + Square + X RT (Hold) + X + A
Reposition Opponent/Turn Position Right Toggle (Any direction) Right Toggle (Any direction)
Lift Opponent Up Up (Right Toggle) Up (Right Toggle)
Snapmare to Seated Position Down (Right Toggle) Down (Right Toggle)
Release Hold/Pin L1 LB
Change Target Right Toggle (Press) Right Toggle (Press)
Toggle Playback Left Toggle (Press) Left Toggle (Press)

Object and Weapon Controls

Action PS4 Xbox
Pick Up Object L1 LB
Grab Object Under Ring L1 (Hold) LB (Hold)
Object Attack Square X
Alternate Object Attack R2 (Hold) + Square RT (Hold) + X
Drop Object O B
Throw Object Into/Out of Ring O + Left Toggle (Any Direction) B + Left Toggle (Any Direction)
Climb Ladder/Cage/Cell R1 RB
Set up Ladder/Table X A
Lean/Wedge Object in Corner X + Left Toggle (Any direction) A + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Carry Ladder Horizontally R2 (Hold) RT (Hold)
Rotate Standing Ladder R2 (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction) RT (Hold) + Left Toggle (Any direction)
Set Up Ladder Bridge (Near Apron) R2 (Hold) + L1 RT (Hold) + LB

Submission Controls

Submission Hold:

  • PS4: R2 (Hold) + X (Hold)
  • Xbox One: RT (Hold) + A (Hold)

When you’ve got your opponent in a submission hold, you must move your right analog stick in a circular motion (clockwise or counterclockwise). This will move the slider in the mini-game that pops up.

In the mini-game, the attacker controls the red slider and the defender controls the blue slider. The object is to fill the circle with your color, this is done by overlapping the other side’s slider. A glowing orb can be grabbed to either make it easier to make your opponent submit or to get out of a submission hold yourself.

The submission mechanics can be changed in the options menu. In this alternate version, during a submission hold, random buttons will appear and you must press the corresponding one; this must be done properly so as to outdo your opponent.

Pinfall and Kick Out Controls

When you’re being pinned, the only way to kick out is to wait for the blue meter to enter the red zone, then press the X Button (PS4) or the A Button (Xbox One). The red zone can be increased by having the ‘Pin Escape’ Attribute.

With the ‘Resiliency’ Ability, you can immediately kick out of a pin by pressing the Triangle Button (PS4) or the Y Button (Xbox One).

With the ‘Rope Break’ Ability, when near the ropes, you will be prompted to press the O Button (PS4) or the B Button (Xbox One).

As an attacker, having the ‘Dirty Pin’ Ability lets you pin the opponent with your feet on the rope. This can be done when your opponent lies parallel to the ropes, and you press the O Button (PS4) or the B Button (Xbox One).


How to Reverse:

  • PS4: Triangle
  • Xbox One: Y

A reversal icon will appear above the player’s head, you must press the button at the appropriate time to perform a proper reversal. There are Reversal Stocks, meaning you can only perform a limited number of reversals before your stocks have to refill.

Minor Reversal: A regular reversal that only requires one reversal stock.

Major Reversal: Can only be done while in the middle of a move (difficult to do). Two reversal stocks are required, and if done correctly the opponent will be weakened.

Assist Mode

  • Can be enabled in the Options Menu.
  • The AI selects the appropriate move while you’re doing a Strong Attack or Grapple.

The revamping of the layout of the controls is more superficial. The real changes lie underneath. The newly introduced system reduces friction, allowing for smoother movement and easier control.

Unlike before, almost every action has a separate button, therefore you will have more control of your character and how it interacts with characters/object. Standing submissions can be done however you like, no more prerequisites.

Finally, the AI has been improved so that it utilizes everything in its arsenal (including all of the Signature/Finishing Moves) so that it provides a challenge to the player but also offers a greater variety of attacks.

Those are all the major changes in the control setup and what’s going on behind it all. Make sure to refer to this guide when you kick up WWE 2K20!