WWE 2K18 VC Farming Guide

WWE 2K18 VC Farming Guide to help you learn all the different method that you can use in order to earn some easy VC in the game.

VC is an important aspect in any of the newly released from 2K games. You can use it to unlock a plethora of stuff. Even though you earn VC whether you win or lose a match. This WWE 2K18 VC Farming Guide will show you how you can make the maximum amount of VC to quickly be able to unlock all of the stuff that you need.

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WWE 2K18 VC Farming Guide

Remember that it is really important for you to win all of your matches to maximize your VC gain.

Try to win as much as you can by picking your strongest wrestlers and have them fight one of the weaker wrestlers as the AI. This will make for an entertaining fight for the fans and get you VC really quickly.

Another thing that you need to remember is that the amount of VC you earn depends on your star rating. To increase your Star rating, you need to get the crowd wild and in your favor.

Do this by performing various different moves instead of the same ones over and over again. Also, remember to finish off enemies using the Finisher moves. This way you will receive more VC at the end of the match.

You can also earn VC by going through the career mode. Although this method is slower, going through career may be a more enjoyable way for those who prefer playing the career mode. However, remember that grinding out matches is the fastest way to get VC.

The 25K VC Per hour Method

This method is good if you are looking to make VC extremely fast but are willing to be completely bored as you do it. This method uses the custom match to generate VC really quickly.

Essentially, start a custom game and start with the maximum amount of finishers available to you. Use a wrestler with a massive finisher move like Triple H or Steve Austin.

The match setting should be a brawl so the match will end as soon as you land your second finisher, giving you the win. What this will do is allow you to end a match within a few seconds of starting it and give you a lot of VC as you grind through the games.

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