WWE 2K17 Patch On The Way, Might Fix The Progress Wipe Bug

2K has sent a new patch to be deployed on PS4 and Xbox One which might fix WWE 2k17 progress wipe bug that would wipe data from Universe and Career

2K Games has announced a new patch will be coming soon for WWE 2K17 to address some minor issues with the game. Fans are hopeful that the patch will also address one of the biggest issue plaguing the game which can result in a complete wipe of saved progress.

The save progress wipe in question kicks in whenever a player downloads a wrestler from Community Creations. This results in the player losing all progress including edited or created wrestlers and have to start from scratch in the Universe or Career mode.

2K Community manager Bryan Vore talked about the issue on the official WWE 2K17 forums and said:

We’ve found that the issue was triggered by custom content having a high count of unique custom logos, to prevent further problems with this issue, please do not upload or download any Custom Superstars, Arenas, or Championships with more than 14 unique custom logos.

While limiting players from creating content as they see fit is not a solution, Bryan said this temporary workaround should prevent players from triggering the bug until there is a proper fix in place.

He also assures that the development team is hard at work trying to create a fix for this as well as implement a system for the meanwhile that would block content which can cause this bug.

While 2K hasn’t revealed any further details of the patch yet, it is known that the update was submitted to Sony and Microsoft last week for deployment on PS4 and Xbox One as soon as its verified and approved.

Another change which the fans are hoping to see in this patch or some future one is control over the AI team mate in tag team matches when playing Universe mode.

WWE 2K17 is currently available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. A release date for the PC version hasn’t been announced yet.

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