WWE 2K16 Skills and OMG Moments Unlock Guide

WWE 2K16 skills overview and how to unlock OMG Moments in the game.

The huge variety of Skill moves and OMG moments in WWE 2K16 make not only the WWE Superstars feel just like their real life counterparts but also makes the characters created by players unique and different from every other person out there.

An unlimited amount of skills can be assigned to every wrestler and then performed during matches, however when it comes to jaw dropping OMG moments, there are some that can’t co-exist with others if triggered from the same position.

WWE 2K16 Skills and OMG Moments

Below is a list of all the Skill sets and OMG moments along with their descriptions and requirements:

Skills – Basic

Combo Striker: allows players to perform 4 strikes combinations when an opponent is attacked repeatedly

Second Finisher: allows the selection of an extra Finisher move which can be used in place of the default one after performing a Signature move

Show Off: allows up assigning of up to 4 taunts to use during fights to call opponents

Top Rope Diver: allows wrestlers to perform dive attacks on opponents from the top rope

Skills – Special Action

Outside Diver: wrestlers can dive on to opponents outside the ring

Springboard Diver: perform springboard attack on an opponent inside the ring while standing on the ring apron

Leverage Pin: perform a surprise leverage pin

Hammer Throw: land a strong Irish Whip on an opponent

Remove The Turnbuckle: allows the removal of a turnbuckle at the corner of the ring

Comeback: perform a comeback sequence after being significantly damaged

Skills – Special Match Action

Elimination Chamber Daredevil: requires the character to have Top Rope Diver skill after which the character can perform dive attacks from the top of the chamber pod or chamber walls during Elimination Chamber matches.

Ladder Daredevil: requires Top Rope Diver skill and allows the character to perform dive attacks from the top of the ladder during a Ladder match.

Steel Cage Daredevil: perform dive attacks from the top of the Steel Cage. Requires Top Rope Driver skill

Steel Cage Superplex: perform a Superplex to open the cage door allowing for an escape attempt

Royal Rumble Finisher: perform a finisher to eliminate opponents during a Royal Rumble match

Fired Up: store up to three Finishers to be used later for moves such as Royal Rumble Finisher and Steel Cage Superplex and OMG moments.

OMG Moments

Apron DDT: requires 1 stored Finisher

Apron Superplex: requires 1 stored Finisher

Barricade Breaker: requires 1 stored Finisher

Catching Finisher: requires 1 stored Finisher

Corkscrew Leg Drop (RVD): requires 1 stored Finisher

Double Finisher: requires 2 stored Finishers and of Finisher from: Double Attitude Adjustement, Double Chokeslam, Double Shellshock and Double F-5

Escape Artist (Hell in A Cell Finisher): requires 1 stored Finisher

King of Swing: requires 1 stored Finisher

Ladder Finisher: requires 1 stored Finisher

Outside Superplex: requires 1 stored Finisher

Pod People: requires 1 stored Finisher

Ring Breaker: requires 3 stored Finishers and is only available to Super Heavyweights

Skull Crushing Big Boot: requires 1 stored Finisher

Suicide Dive: requires 1 stored Finisher and Outside Diver skill

Super Dropkick (Roman Reigns): requires 1 stored Finisher

Through the table: requires 1 stored Finisher

Torpedo DDT (Sami Zayn DDT): requires 1 stored Finisher

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