WWE 2K16 MyCareer Guide – Tips, Attributes, How to Create a Superstar

WWE 2K16 MyCareer Mode guide with tips to create the perfect wrestler and to outshine your rivals.

WWE 2K16 MyCareer Mode guide with tips to create the perfect wrestler and to outshine your rivals.

WWE 2K16 MyCareer Tips

There are plenty of stars to choose from in WWE 2K16, but in case none of them is for you; you can always create one from scratch and compete against the world-class wrestlers.

The guide provides an overview of MyCareer Mode with tips and strategies to create the perfect superstar:

Understanding and Choosing Attributes
After some initial formalities, you’ll be required to choose from multiple available attributes. These attributes are directly tied to your wrestler’s offense and defense.

Although you need to consider your unique playstyle into consideration, you must assign these attributes in such a way that you don’t lag behind in any area.

Here are some things that you should consider:

  • Reversals -– Amazing against highly offensive opponents
  • Momentum –- Speeds up the process of pulling off finishers and signature hits
  • Durability — Focus on areas tied to submissions i.e. head and torso
  • Stamina –- The most important one when it comes to a strong defense
  • Pin Escape –- Required, but not extremely important

Finally, when we talk about offensive meters, these vary from wrestler to wrestler. For instance, if you wish to create a heavyweight wrestler, go with arms and vice versa. Running and grapple, on the other hand, are suitable for all-rounder wrestlers.

Understanding the Role and Choosing the Appropriate Moves
Even when you begin thinking about creating your wrestler, you should’ve a clear idea as to what you wish to play. Since you desired role and wrestler’s height go hand-in-hand, you should pay close attention to the fact.

Aside from size, you need to choose moves that complement your role. If you wish to go with a striker, you need to go with moves that complement your wrestler’s speed and vice versa.

Alternatively, if you wish to create a power-house, you should go with heavy strikes and things like that.

Specialized Skill Moves
Aside from regular moves, there are plenty of specialized skills that you can assign to your wrestler. Although small, these specialized moves can easily turn tables when it comes to fighting.

There are some that we specially like and recommend to our readers –- the Hammer Throw which when executed correctly can deal hefty amount of damage and Comeback which triggers a button-pressing mini-game and gets your wrestler right back into the game.

Tips to Get 5-Star Rating
In order to acquire 5-star rating, you should definitely avoid using same moves over and over again. Entertain your audience by using different sets of moves and you’ll definitely get a 5-star rating.

You should try out different combination of punches, kicks, grapples from different positions, and other specialized skills. Hop onto the rope; try out running moves, experiment with different finishers, and signature moves to acquire the best possible rating.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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