WWE 2K16 Features New Body and Stamina System

A couple of weeks ago, YouTube user JDfromNY206 uploaded a new video in which he summed up a bunch of details for WWE 2K16 that have been leaked by the developer. However, since these have yet to be verified officially, consider them as strong rumors at best.

The new upcoming WWE 2K16 installment is said to be featuring a new body system. Under this, players can target specific parts of the body using weapons. When struck, the opponents will react likewise, by holding on their heads or limping away on their feet. Each part will have its own coupling animations.

A lot of customization options that were missing from WWE 2K15 will be there in the new installment. For one, players will be able to create their own Divas. Wrestler Chase Stevens has already confirmed that Create-A-Finisher would be returning, with a ton of new animations that superstars are already doing motion capture for. Speaking of which, Low Ki, Senshi, and Kaval are said to be currently doing motion capture for the game as well.

There’s a new stamina system to boast, and players will also have new animations for celebrating victories.

WWE 2K15 was recently ported to the PC. 2K Sports has promised that it would be supporting mods in the near future. It’s possible that it will be the same case with WWE 2K16.

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