WWE 2K15 Universe Mode, RVD, Taker, Stone Cold and Rock Confirmed

In WWE 2K15 you will be able to play using RVD, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock among many others.

WWE 2K 15 releases on October 28, but there is a lot that still needs confirmation with regards to the features of the game. So here we are with confirmations of a few new superstars and a new game mode.

According to this YouTube video, the massively popular star HHH confirmed his own appearance in the game upon release.

However, he didn’t stop just there; the hulk of a wrestler went on to confirm that three other stars will also make appearances in the game. These are The Undertaker, The Rock and Stone-Cold Steve Austin!

He then went on to talk about the WWE 2K15 pre-order bonus star Sting, confirming that he will be able to go up against virtually ‘every legend that here’ ever been’ in the WWE universe. He specifically confirmed matches that pit Sting against Stone-Cold Steve Austin, Sting against The Rock, Sting against The Undertaker and Sting against HHH.

That is not all, Rob Van Dam, the Mr. Monday Night was asked over his Twitter account whether he was going to be starring in the WWE 2K15 to which he simply replied ‘yep.’ This would be his first appearance in a WWE game since SMACKDOWN vs. RAW 2011!

Last but not the least, the WWE 2K15 Official Strategy Guide was listed on GameStop yesterday and among the description of the guide, the WWE 2K15 Universe Mode was confirmed. It says that the guide will provide ‘in-depth look at creating your own WWE Universe, complete with tournaments, rivalries and more.’

Who is up for a Sting vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match in the WWE 2K15?

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