WoW Tokens Might Soon Be Available To Use In Other Blizzard Games

Datamined information from World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 suggests WoW Tokens might soon become a standard currency for all Blizzard games

In an effort to further bridge the gap between its games, it seems like Blizzard is about to improve the WoW Tokens available in World of Warcraft to a universal currency accessible in all their games.

Some eagle eyed community members managed to data mine the latest patch 7.1.5 files for Blizzard’s MMO and discovered that WoW tokens might soon be converted into a standard form of currency usable in all other Blizzard titles.

Currently, WoW Tokens are purchased in the game for around $20 and grant users a month of game time access in World of Warcraft. After purchase, they can also be sold on the Auction House for in-game gold.

While the price in gold differs from server to server, it is mostly around 60,000 to 80,000 for one token. This way, players with some extra cash can get quick in-game gold without having to use third party and potentially dangerous gold sellers.

The data mined information suggests that WoW users will be able to buy and sell these tokens and the price will be reflected on their Blizzard account where the money can then be used in games like Overwatch for lootboxes.

Blizzard had also hinted something along the same lines during BlizzCon 2016 but until there is some official confirmation, this should be treated as speculation since there have been previous instances where datamined information never actually happened.

One thing is for certain though, the price of these WoW Tokens will definitely go up when bought through Gold so WoW players who use the Auction House a lot might have a good chance to make some gold.

Some other recently datamined information also suggests that Blizzard might be gearing up for yet another themed event in Overwatch, similar to their previous Summer Games and Halloween.

With Christmas coming up, this possibility is highly likely as Overwatch developers have promised to continue such events for the game.

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