World Of Warcraft 8.0 Patch Is Up On Beta Servers, New Expansion Coming?

World of Warcraft is undeniably one of the best MMORPGs ever created. Blizzard is constantly keeping it fresh with new content and managing to maintain its player base through the years even though with the game’s monthly pay model. Something big is coming to World of Warcraft, and it might be announced soon as World Of Warcraft 8.0 Patch has been seen in the game’s Beta servers.

If you stroll through the game’s servers you’ll see that World Of Warcraft 8.0 Patch is now live on all WoW Beta servers indicating that a new “era” of Warcraft is coming. As known all patches with the number 6. on their update name was indicating the Warlords of Draenor expansion and 7. indicated  Legion. The 8.0 marking seems to be revealing a new expansion for the game, probably just in time to tease us for Blizzcon.

The World Of Warcraft 8.0 Patch could easily be an error but is Blizzard a company that would tolerate such a mistake to go up on all its Beta servers? This isn’t the first time a new expansion for World of Warcraft is teased since, in a recent World of Warcraft 2017 recap video game director, Ion Hazzikostas said that there are many more things coming to the game and he will make his announcements at this year’s Blizzcon.

There were also leaks before that announcement, where we saw a “Vel of the Shadows” leak with a complete guide about what the game will look like and another one from 3 months ago where a new set armor named Kul Tiras set was found through data mine, which came with a map of the whole island of Kul Tiras with zone-like areas.

Even if the new expansion announcement is real though we shouldn’t be expecting this potential new expansion anytime soon since the last 3 expansions released (Mists of Pandaria, Warlord of Draenor and Legion) were not released sooner than a year after their announcement.

There will be more news about World of Warcraft and possibly the aforementioned World Of Warcraft 8.0 Patch at this year’s Blizzcon which will take place between November 3-4. Make sure to check The complete schedule which was released by Blizzard a couple of weeks ago.

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