How to Arboreal Gulper Frog Mount in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

In this World of Warcraft Shadowlands Guide, we will explain in detail How to Get Arboreal Gulper Frog Mount in WoW Shadowlands.

The Arboreal Gulper is one of the 84 new mounts that came with the Shadowlands expansion in World of Warcraft. This particular Mount is rather easy to get as all you need to do is farm some regular mobs to attain this item in Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Arboreal Gulper Frog Mount

Arboreal Gulper has a very decent drop rate of 90%, so acquiring this Mount should not prove to be too much of a hassle. You cannot learn this Mount until you are LEVEL 60.

It’s not possible to fly with this Mount, so you will be stuck to the ground, but this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as flying is not available in Shadowlands expansion in the first place.

Getting the Arboreal Gulper

We will now walk you through the whole process of acquiring this Mount. You will have to acquire an item to summon a rare enemy that drops the Mount.

Unusually Large Mushroom
The first step is to collect an Unusually Large Mushroom that you will use later to summon the Rare Humon’gozz enemy who will drop the Arboreal Gulper Mount.

Head to Ardenweald and start killing common mobs and enemies. This large shroom can be dropped by any enemy in this area but has a low drop rate of 1-5%.

Once you have the Mushroom, you have 20mins to plant this Mushroom at the Humon’gozz’s spawn location and then fight the monster.

Summoning and Fighting Humon’gozz
Go to the Damp Loam and clear the mobs inhabiting the area. Once you clear out the mobs, interact with the Loam. Its exact location is on this pin The exact spot can also be seen in the snippet below.

Once you interact with the Loam using the large Mushroom, it will grow into a Humon’gozz.

The Humon’gozz has a sizeable health bar, so you should invite your friends or just type it out in All chat as this enemy can be brought down with others, and you will still get the drop.

Another thing to be noted is that you can participate in someone else’s summoned Humon’gozz battle. That way, you won’t even have to collect the Mushroom.

If lady luck is on your side, then once you defeat the Humon’gozz, you should get the Arboreal Gulper Frog Mount from the Shadowlands expansion of WoW.

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