World of Warcraft Legion Release Date is June 30 According to Retailers

According to as many as five retailers from different countries, the World of Warcraft Legion release date is going to be June 30,

Courtesy of a leak right from the website, we already expect the World of Warcraft Legion release date to be on or before September 21, but now it appears that Blizzard Entertainment might be looking for an earlier release date.

A number of video game retailers have put up the expansion for preorder on their websites with a release date of June 30, 2016. This is just a little less than three months before the aforementioned.

Agreeably, the retailers in question are not big names, but they are retailers after all. For instance, there is Bol from Netherlands, Empik from Poland, MEPlay from UAE, Tweakers from Netherlands, and BudgetGaming from Netherlands.

The point is, one of them putting up a June 30 release date for it could have been regarded as a placeholder, two could have been regarded as a coincidence, but these are five retailers.

One the other hand June 30, 2016 is a Thursday which, despite not being as much of a convention as Tuesdays, also happens to be a day of the week when some games are released.

Naturally, the multiple listings are urging us to seriously consider the possibility that the leak is legitimate, but we will still send out an email to Blizzard for any word on the World of Warcraft Legion release date

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The expansion was announced in August last year with a new trailer, but the World of Warcraft Legion release date is yet to be made official. Keep checking back for more on this.

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