World of Warcraft Expansion Seven Already Planned: Blizzard Lead Designer

it looks like Blizzard is aleady "all ready" for the seventh World of Warcraft expansion i.e. the one after Legion.

Okay so before you start shouting, this story is not about Legion which is the sixth expansion of the game. I am talking about the seventh World of Warcraft expansion that the game’s lead designer just confirmed.

Blizzard Entertainment’s lead designer for the game, Tom Chilton talked to journalists at Gamescom 2015 about the long way they have come since the original release.

During his talk he revealed they had already planned where to go next by adding “it is crazy that we’re this far along. We do have more expansion packs planned already.”

Not only that, Chilton added a few lines while commenting on the fluctuations in subscribers. These could also be an assurance to the fans that with the next World of Warcraft expansion they are going to try their best to make it your money’s worth:

What we want is to make sure that we never lose the faith of our players in Blizzard that we’ll create great experiences that you’ll feel like you’ve got your money’s worth.

What matters to us most is whether we believe we’re creating the best possible game experience. Because there are a lot of factors outside of the team’s control that affect subscriber numbers. And so, it’s our job to create the best possible experience, factoring in the feedback we’re getting from fans.

Of course Blizzard is not going to want to talk more about the seventh World of Warcraft expansion just yet – with Legion just being announced – so I guess there will be some time before we get more on it.

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