Wonder Woman Movie Has a New Director

Yesterday, we reported the departure of Michelle Maclaren as the director of Wonder Woman. Maclaren and Warner Bros. apparently had “creative differences, which led to this decision.

While that is disappointing, fans will be happy to know that Warner Bros. have found another director, yes they have!

The director in question is Patty Jenkins, known for her work on Just Drive, Monster and several other films and Tv series.

Wonder Woman is a high profile project and only time will tell if Jenkins is the right choice. There aren’t any doubts about her talent though.

As I mentioned, the reason they gave regarding Maclaren’s departure was “creative differences.” However, don’t you find it odd that it took only a few days to find another director?

Is there more to this story? We won’t know for sure unless Maclaren comes forward with a more elaborate explanation.


On the other hand, finding a new director in such a short time is really beneficial for the project. It means the project’s development won’t suffer and it will be more likely to hit theaters in 2017, as announced before.

Anyways, the bottom line is that one of our favorite comic book personalities is appearing in a movie and we couldn’t be more happy.¬†Nothing much is known about the project but details will start to emerge in the months to come.

Do you think Patty Jenkins is the right choice for Wonder Woman? Or do you have someone better in mind?

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