Woman Sells Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Xbox, Video Games And Turtle Beach Headphones For $3

As far as payback goes, this one honestly wasn’t as bad as the crime really. A lot of people have had way worse for cheating even once, and this guy did it twice! The only backlash he received was basically his Xbox, video games and turtle beach headphones for just $3.

Georgia Jackson found out that her boyfriend had cheated for a second time. This time while she was actually pregnant with their first child, yeesh. This wasn’t even the first time she caught him cheating, and it’s frankly weird enough that she forgave him the first time.

Thankfully she decided to actually end it this time, but not before getting a bit of revenge. Specifically in the form of selling his “pride and joy” Xbox and Headphones for $3. She originally planned to sell them for free but needed the $3 for a new kitchen knife. Here’s the whole post she made with the sale.

“Xbox one comes with brand new turtle beach headphones and 4 games. Just learnt my partner put his penis in another girl so selling his pride and joy hence the price. First one to collect it can have it for £3, I would give it away but need to buy myself a new kitchen knife as mine is currently sticking out of his tires.

It was a massive betrayal. I always had in my head that if he did anything, I would smash his Xbox up, but I knew selling it would p**s him off more. I wanted to humiliate him. After I’d posted it, I felt a lot better. It distracted me and spurred me on a bit. He’s completely broken my heart, so I don’t regret it – it’s my bit of revenge.”

So there’s a bit of that classic tire slashing in there as well. Again, the guy got off lucky in comparison to what people that’ve cheated have gotten in response. The loss wasn’t even….too big to be honest.

I mean he just lost his Xbox and a bundle of games right? The Xbox didn’t even have much of a positive run this year anyways. Not sure what the guy would’ve really benefitted from.

If anything, this is a good opportunity to just switch to the PlayStation 4 or even build a PC. This is destiny beckoning him, also a way to somewhat benefit from the lingering essence of a scoundrel otherwise.

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