Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Boss Guide

Zhuyan is the final boss of the second primary mission of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Two Chivalrous Heroes...

Zhuyan is the first boss of the second main mission of the game, Two Chivalrous Heroes. In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhuyan is a giant ape-like monster. You may think that Zhuyan is a dangerous beast, but the monkey is very easy to handle after your fight with Zhang Liang. This guide will help you learn about Zhuyan’s attack pattern and how to defeat the demonic ape in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

While Zhuyan is a tough fight, there are tougher encounters like Dong Zhuo in Wo Long. You can check our guides on these bosses as well.

Zhuyan’s attacks

When you start the fight, Zhuyan always starts the battle with three slams. Zhuyan will slam both hands on you. You can stand next to the boss and deflect all three of these slams. This is the most common attack that Zhuyan uses during the fight.

After you have depleted half of the boss’s health, Zhuyan can add additional slams after the primary three and even delay the slams. These delayed slams are stronger and often reduce your Wo Long Fallen Dynasty deflect timing.

The second attack that Zhuyan uses is the claw swipe attack. Zhuyan will swipe both its claws from both sides in front of it. Both the swipes have a slight delay, so you must watch if trying to deflect them.

The delay between these swipes is always consistent. At least until you have depleted half of the boss’s health, after which the boss can delay the swipes. The slower the swipe. The more damage it will deal, so adjust to the timing.

Zhuyan has a couple of ranged attacks. For the first, the monkey tries to knock you into the air, dragging its claws along the ground, followed by an upward slash. Immediately after this, the monkey rolls back and then leaps forward to bite you.

The attack is also a Critical Attack from Zhuyan, and if you get hit with the first slash, the second part of the bite is guaranteed. The second Critical Hit attack Zhuyan has in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is part of his three-ground slam move.

After the two slams, Zhuyan jumps rolls mid-air, and then delivers a powerful slam, which is the critical hit. The animation is the only specific point to recognize the attack. Otherwise, the timing and windows of the critical hit are the same as for the regular slam.

Another ranged attack, although quite a weak one, is when Zhuyan shoves his fists into the ground and throws rocks at you. You should be easily able to dodge this upper cut-style rock throw.

The 3rd ranged attack from Zhuyan and also another critical attack isn’t exactly ranged. For this attack, Zhuyan will flip backwards and stand on its hands and then flies towards you with a kick attack. This is probably the most common ranged attack it will use.

How to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Zhuyan is a pretty straightforward boss. You can easily defeat the boss with basic knowledge of deflecting and when to attack.

Zhuyan’s attacks in Wo Long, though limited, are extremely powerful, and even a single combo of the beast is enough to kill you. As such, your main focus should be on your defense. All of Zhuyan’s attacks, except the Critical attacks, can be deflected and blocked, which is quite a blessing.

Since all the attacks can be easily read, you can continuously deflect Zhuyan and make your openings. Although Zhuyan is a single-phase boss fight, the boss’s attacks and aggressiveness do change after you have depleted half of his health bar.

After this, Zhuyan summons red vines around him and roars, indicating his anger in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. From here on, you must again evaluate the deflect timing of Zhuyan’s every move, as he will sometimes delay his attacks.

After the second phase, Zhuyan becomes faster. He won’t take breaks between one move and the next and chain different moves while mixing them up with critical hits. You mustn’t take the monkey as a pushover in the second phase and rush in to attack rapidly.

Defeating Zhuyan in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty gets you 3,500 Genuine Qi, 3,015 Copper. Most importantly, this boss fight also unlocks your first Divine Spirit animal to call upon in battle after defeating Zhuyan.

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