Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Builds Guide

All Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds require you to use gear, weapons, and spells that complement your playstyle and make you more robust...

If a souls-like game exists, there are bound to be some fantastic builds you can make for your character. All Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds require you to use gear, weapons, and spells that complement your playstyle and make you more robust than any enemy you face. This guide will help you with the best builds you can make for your character in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Different builds require different levels and gear to reach their full potential. Now, you don’t have to spec for these builds from the start, as you can always respec your character in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Understanding combat to fully utilize these builds is also very important in the game.

While loot is pretty random in the game, if you are lucky enough to get good equipment then the following builds in Wo Long are some of the best ones you can aim for.

Wo Long God of Thunder build

Spells: Lightning Weapon, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Rush, Spirit Forever, Heaven’s Rage

Weapon: Five-Colored Cudgel Staff

Divine Beast: Keelan

Armor: Warlock Mask, Warlock Ritual Robe, Vicious Tiger Gauntlets, Dong Zhao Officer Greaves

Stats: Wood, Metal, Fire

God of Thunder Build is an S-Tier build for all players, starting with an extremely powerful, albeit somewhat one-dimensional build. The build relies on Lightning attacks and building up status effects fast, so you can not only deal significant damage but stun your enemies in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty constantly.

All the spells, except Lightning Weapon and Spirit Forever, are ranged. Lightning Bolt allows you to summon a bolt of lightning from the sky to land on your targeted enemy and is perfect for dealing with ranged enemies and wizards standing away from you or out of reach. Spirit Forever spell allows you to keep your Spirit gauge full since you depend on a lot of your spells, and they can be quite taxing on your Spirit Guage.

Five-Colored Cudgel legendary staff is recommended for this build for two reasons. One, you get multi-hit combos, even though they deal less damage, and second, this weapon allows you to build up status ailments much faster than other weapons.

The armor set selected is not uniform, but all these pieces increase the damage you deal with lightning-based attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. The Warlock Mask and the Warlock Ritual Robes are necessary for this build, and you can change what greaves and shoes you use depending on your requirements.

Now that you can handle all the regular enemies, we will see how well the build works against bosses. When starting the fight, imbue your staff with lightning and use your ranged spells. Once the boss or any enemy has the lightning status built up, you can start attacking with your imbued weapon to keep the ailment status up.

Attacking an enemy already inflicted with lightning takes additional damage to their spirit gauge and can be stunned much faster, allowing you to land multiple critical attacks on your enemies.

Dual Halberd Flame Virtue build

Spells: Amplify Damage, Fiend Vanquisher, Engulfing Inferno, Blasting Flare

Weapon: Dual Halberds

Divine Beast: Tengshe

Armor: Young Conqueror Set

Stats: Fire, Earth, Wood

This build follows the same rule as the God of thunder Build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, but with fire, we lean more toward melee attacks. You get several spells in this build, all of which deal increased damage due to the Amplify Damage spell.

All your spells are amplified, and with AoE spells like Engulfing Inferno, you can hit multiple enemies at once and stunt them pretty quickly.

We recommend using the fastest Halberds for this build. The faster your weapons are, the more you can benefit from the Fire Virtue. The more attacks you land in, the more damage multiplier you get. It increases your damage and, along with the Amplify damage spell.

The armor set is on the lighter side. The reason is that you can move faster and are much more agile. You can keep the pressure on and get away if you have to.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Immortal build

Spells: Absorb Vitality, Amplify Damage, Calamity Bolts, Inner Breath

Weapon: Ring Pommel Sabre  

Divine Beast: Yinglong

Armor: Grace of the Taihao the Azure Emperor Set

Stats: Wood, Fire, Earth

Immortal Build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a double-edged sword; you must be aggressive and defensive to get the most out of it. If you have to choose one, go for aggression. The entire build revolves around staying alive and withstanding all the attacks thrown at you.

This build is highly dependent on Wood and Earth virtue and Absorb Vitality. Absorb Vitality allows you to regain health by dealing damage to your enemy. In general, the health you get back is approximately 7-10% of the damage dealt in the attack. So, we need to maximize your damage output so you can get the maximum amount of health back for each attack.

For this, we use the Ring Pummel Sabre sword. You can choose any weapon with high affinity and scale with Wood. This will increase your overall DPS to maximize the effectiveness of Absorb Vitality. We use Amplify Damage and Calamity Bolts spells to increase your attack and ensure your enemy’s damage won’t rise. We don’t want to get one shotted from bosses. 

The armor set recommended additional HP regen from attacks. Not much, but it’s worth having. The amount of regen is, again, increased with your investment in Wood virtue, so you also get some decent healing from the armor set.

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