The Witcher 3 Sales Touch 10 Million Across All Platforms

The Witcher 3 sales are touching 10 million across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. CD Projekt RED confirmed the news while speaking about copy protection.

The Witcher 3 released without copy protection just like The Witcher 2. CD RED explained that they believe in convincing fans to not pirate their games. CD Projekt RED released the game without protection and used quality and free DLC to entice players to spend money.

Marcin Iwiński from CD Projekt RED stated:

Generally I think with The Witcher 3 (and the was the case with The Witcher 2), we released the game without any copy protection. So on day one, you can buy the game from GOG and give it to a friend, enemy as well. But give it to a friend on a memory stick and it works. And still we sold near to 10 million units across all three platforms. But the piracy factor was irrelevant.

Because we can not force people to buy things, we can only convince them to do it. So we totally believe in the cart not in the stick. Of course, if you have the pirated version you don’t have achievements and updates.

CD RED was very direct about piracy but made it clear that they don’t support it. You can not force players to buy things, said CD RED. It is surprising how The Witcher 3 sales weren’t affected that much by piracy. Of course, we don’t have official stats but judging from how they are speaking about piracy it seems their approach worked.

Did you pirate The Witcher 3? Share an honest answer in the comments below. If you are yet to play The Witcher 3, you can pick it up for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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