The Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Secondary Quests Guide

There are a total of 6 Secondary Quests in Kaer Morhen region. You can participate and complete these Secondary Quests any time before Act II. We, however, would recommend completing them during the Main Quest: Ugly Baby.

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The Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Secondary Quests

With more than 150 Secondary Quests to choose from, only a handful of these Secondary Quests actually alter the outcome of the game. Following is a walkthrough of all Secondary Quests in Kaer Morhen region.

Location: Keep

Before you start this optional quest, you need to acquire the Magic Lamp from Keira Metz. After you’ve acquired the Magic Lamp, use near the Keep to find the missing boy. You need to head over to southeast of Bastion Tower and climb the wooden steps there.

After going up, head north near the battlements and again up a small ladder. Gather the boy’s remains and head back to your initial position to fight off a couple of Wraiths. After fending off the Wraiths’ attack, burn the boy’s remains to conclude the Secondary Quest.

Berengar’s Blade
Location: Kaer Morhen, Chort’s Cave

After looking at Berengar’s notes, speak with Vesemir who will tell you about Berengar and how he forged a powerful blade and went to hunt a Chort with it. After speaking with Vesemir, leave Kaer Morhen and head to the new objective area.

While on your way, you’ll may come across a Bear and around 4-5 Drowners so watch your back! Once you’re inside the cave and face to face in front of the monster, use your Quen Sign to make a fight a tad easier.

After you’ve defeated the monster, use your Witcher’s Senses to locate a Diagram and leave the area to conclude the optional quest.

Greenhouse Effect
Location: Old Mine, Ancient Greenhouse

You need to acquire Eye of Nehaleni before you start this optional mission. Head south from the Iron Mine and you’ll come in front of a cavern entrance.

Head inside the cavern and use the Eye of Nehaleni to interact with a rock which will yield a hidden book. After reading the book. you simply need to calm the weather by interacting with the rocks and complete the optional quest.

Monster Slayer
Location: Lakeside Hut

Head over to Lakeside Hut and examine the corpses. From there, head northeast and look for a small triangle-shaped island on your World Map.

Head inside the cave on eastern side. Once you’re inside, you’ll come face to face against a giant Rock Troll. After you manage to defeat the beast, use your Witcher’s Senses to find some valuable lying in the cave.

Trail of Echoes
Location: Kaer Morhen

Head northwest from Kaer Morhen and you’ll come across a cave entrance. Head inside the tunnels and you’ll come across 4 Nekker roaming about the area.

Once you’re done with the combat, use your Witcher’s Senses to uncover some valuable items lying in the tunnels. Gather them up and leave the area to conclude this simple Secondary Quest.

The Witchers Forge
Location: Kaer Morhen, Old Mine

Before you start this quest, do note that you’ll need Eye of Nehaleni down the road to complete it. First off, you need to acquire a book inside a chest near the middle of 3 archway alcoves near the spiral staircase.

After reading the book, head over to the Mine near Kaer Morhen and head inside the cave. Once you head inside, you’ll have to deal with an Earth Elemental – check your Bestiary to see its weaknesses and plan your attack accordingly.

After slaying down the Earth Elemental, explore the area and you’ll come across the Ifrit. After dealing with the monster, use your Eye of Nehaleni to remove the illusion near the objective area and complete the final Secondary Quest of this region.

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