The Witcher 3 Contract: Deadly Delights Guide

Decide the fate of a succubus who seems to be murdering guards in the city.

The endless number of side quests and contracts in The Witcher 3 will keep Geralt busy. One such contract is the Deadly Delights side quest in The Witcher 3, which can be quite challenging for players to clear the first time.

Geralt will come across the Deadly Delights contract during his visit to Novigard, where he will be required to investigate what happened to the city guards and deal with the succubus problem.


To start the Deadly Delights contract in The Witcher 3, Geralt must find a notice placed on Harborside’s notice board.

After checking out the notice, Geralt will find Gilbert, who you’ll come across near the fish market. He will fill Geralt in with all the details required to start the quest. He will inform Geralt that the bodies at the deck are ready to be set on fire.

From here on, head towards the medic and talk to him. After you’ve found out all you can about the killings. After you’ve found out all you can about the killings, he will point you towards the location where the bodies were found. Go south from the medic’s location and stay by the water.

Follow the hoofprints

Soon, you’ll reach the location by turning left at the first archway you come across. Following these hoofprints, you’ll realize that they’re not of a horse but of a two-legged creature instead. These prints will take you to the backdoor of Crippled Kate’s brothel. Go inside and talk to Madame of the brothel. You have two choices here to progress in Deadly Delights.

Option A: Use Axii Sign

If you have Delusion level 2 of Axii sign, you’ll be able to make Madame tell you everything she knows about the deaths of men. She reveals that this might be the work of a Succubus and hands Geralt the key to the house where the succubus can be found.

Option B: Ask her by mentioning hoofprints

The simpler option is to go by the all the clues lead here option, which wouldn’t manage to get any information out of her. This would ultimately lead you to start the next prompt to follow the scent. Go to the back of the house, where the hoofprints previously led you, and find a perfume vial nearby.

Find a way to enter the succubus’ house

Follow the perfume trail to find a man standing by the stairs. He seems to be confused as to how he got there.

Talk to him, which will confirm that this house belongs to a succubus. The stairs leading up to the door of the Succubus’ house will appear locked. However, there is another way to get into the house.

To enter the Succubus’s house, you must first enter the house beside it from the backdoor. Take the stairs and climb up and then climb the ladder to reach the upper rafters. From here you can drop down inside the succubus’ house. Go downstairs and you will see her sitting on a bench brushing her hair.

Should you kill or spare the succubus?

Now that Geralt has come face to face with the Succubus Salma. You will have two choices: kill her or spare her.


In my opinion, the best choice to complete the Deadly Delights contract is to kill the Succubus. They are dangerous creatures, no matter what Salma claims. On top of that, according to the reports, the way the guard’s bodies were found, it is clear that the succubus was lying, and she did seduce and attack the guards.

However, should you wish to spare the succubus, we have detailed the outcome of both choices below.

Option A: Spare her

If you decide to hear her explanation, she will tell you she was defending herself when guards attacked her. After listening to the succubus, you have two choices to make for this quest. You can either kill her or spare her life and ask her to leave the city if she wants to survive.

If you spare the Succubus’s life, you will get the Succubus trophy and Maugrim as a reward, and you can take it with you as proof. You can show the trophy and Maugrim to Gilbert to end the quest.

Option B: Kill the succubus

On the other hand, if you choose to kill the succubus instead, you will receive multiple rewards as loot from her body. The rewards include mutagen, assassin gauntlet, and trophy as well.

If you do decide to fight the Succubus, the encounter shouldn’t prove too difficult as long as you make good use of signs.


Succubi are known to warp the minds of others, which naturally means they are immune to Axii. You can, however, use Aard to interrupt their attacks. Covering your sword in Hybrid Oil will also improve damage against the succubus.

You can also choose to kill her after choosing to listen to her, which would have the same outcome. Either way, once you’ve dealt with her, the door to her house will be unlocked, and players can leave. Now that you have the proof, head to Gilbert and end the Deadly Delights quest.

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