The Witcher 3 Contract: Deadly Delights Guide

The endless number of side quests and contracts in The Witcher 3 will keep Geralt busy. One such contract is the Deadly Delights side quest in The Witcher 3, which can be quite challenging for players to clear the first time.

Geralt will come across the Deadly Delights contract during his visit to Novigard, where he will be required to investigate what happened to the city guards and deal with the succubus problem.

If you’re wondering how to solve this quest, then you’re at the right place because we will be doing an extensive breakdown of the entire Deadly Delights contract for you in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 Deadly Delights walkthrough

To start this contract, Geralt must find a notice placed on Harborside’s notice board in The Witcher 3. After checking out the notice, Geralt will find Gilbert, who you’ll come across near the fish market. He will fill Geralt in with all the details required to start the quest. He will inform Geralt that the bodies at the deck are ready to be set on fire.

From here on, head towards the medic, and talk to him. After you’ve found out all you can about the killings, you’ll find another clue that will require Geralt to travel to Crippled Kate’s, a brothel in Novigrad.

Here in TW3, use Geralt’s Witcher senses at the crime scene to find clues within the crime scene. You’ll notice several trails, which include children’s footprints and hoofprints.

These children’s footprints are irrelevant to your investigation, so focus on the hoofprints instead. Following these hoofprints, you’ll realize that they’re not of a horse but of a two-legged creature instead. These prints will take you to the backdoor of Crippled Kate’s brothel.

After you’ve accomplished this, your quest will be updated, and you need to have a conversation with Madame. You can either talk to her or use Geralt’s witcher senses to find further clues.

Here you will find the perfume trail you must follow to move forward in the contract and find the killer. You will get two choices here in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Make a choice

If you choose to talk to Madame of the brothel, you can use your Axii ability to find out the required details since she will inform Geralt that he is dealing with a Succubus. She will further inform the players that she is unaware whether or not she kills and will hand over Geralt the key to the next house.

However, if you don’t use Axii, Geralt will be provided with no useful information to help him in this contract in TW3 Wild Hunt.

If you go for follow the scent option, you will get to a man sitting close to some stairs in The Witcher 3. Converse with this man, and Geralt will conclude that this man is under the influence of the Succubus, confirming that he is at the right location.

Enter the Succubus’s house

The stairs leading up to the door of the Succubus’ house will appear locked. However, there is another way in. To enter the Succubus’s house you first have to enter the house beside it. This house has a ladder on the top that will take you to the “Succubus house” in TW3.

Once inside, the players can drop into the Succubus’s house and confront her. Now that Geralt has come face to face with the Succubus Salma. You will have two choices. The first will start attacking her just as you see her, whereas the second option is to hear what she has to say.

If you decide to hear her explanation, she will tell you she was defending herself when guards attacked her. You can either believe her and let her go or kill her.

How to get the Succubus trophy

After listening to the succubus, you have two choices to make for this quest. You can either kill her or spare her life and ask her to leave the city if she wants to survive.

If you spare the Succubus’s life, you will get the Succubus trophy and Maugrim as a reward and you can take it with you as proof. You can show the trophy and Maugrim to Gilbert to end the quest.

On the other hand, if you choose to kill her instead, you will receive multiple rewards as loot from her body. The rewards include mutagen, assassin gauntlet, and trophy as well.

If you do decide to fight the Succubus, the encounter shouldn’t prove too difficult as long as you make good use of signs. Succubi are known to warp the mind of others which naturally means they are immune to Axii. You can however use Aard to interrupt their attacks. Covering your sword in Hybrid Oil will also improve damage against the succubus.

Either way, once you’ve dealt with her, the door to her house will be unlocked, and players can leave. Now that you have the proof, head to Gilbert and end the Deadly Delights quest.

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