Windows 10 Gaming Getting VSync Fix Soon

There are some issues with Windows 10 gaming but Microsoft is doing everything it can to iron things out. Not only the company made it clear that Windows Store games support SLI and Crossfire, Xbox Tech Director says that the company is working on fixing VSync.

This comment follows Phil Spencer’s assurance earlier this week regarding Microsoft being aware of concerns. He said that the company will improve Windows gaming.

Microsoft is pushing for a unified platform with Xbox and Windows 10. However, there are many ambiguities that need to be addressed. Microsoft is expected to share more about its plans for the future of game development on Xbox and Windows 10 at GDC next month.

A session titled “The Future of Xbox Game Development for Windows” will be held at GDC where we will get to know more about Microsoft’s plans for the future.

The 30th edition of Game Developers Conference will be held on March 14 to March 18.

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