Looking To Speed Up Windows 10 Downloads? Here’s How

Having trouble with Windows 10 downloads? Want to speed up the process but you can’t, right? We think that all it has to do is with the type of internet connection we have.

Whereas it apparently is not the case, there are a few things you could do to actually speed up Windows 10 Downloads.

So if you are looking to mess around to see if such tweakings can speed up Windows 10 Downloads then, we have listed the steps that you can perform below:

  • Go to Windows Update (just search it in the Start Bar)
  • Click Advanced Options
  • Click Delivery Optimisation
  • Click Advanced Options
  • Enable “Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background” and then push the slider to 100% (yes enable the limit, trust me)

If you have been successful in doing these steps, then there is a huge chance that this might speed up your Windows 10 Downloads and there should be a huge bump in the speed of your downloads.

These steps that you perform have been claimed to be performed by other users, who have also claimed the speed to jump from 10mb/s to 30mb/s stable.

Something to add here is that the fact that you have disabled Windows 10 Dynamic Download optimization is the reason that your download speed will increase. As based on the claimer, this Dynamic Download optimization limits your download speed to about 60%. Which as you can guess is quite a lot.

Now the best part is that other than the one who has claimed these steps to work, there are other users as well who seem to confirm this trick to speed up Windows 10 Downloads. Which adds more to the confirmation.

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