Will The Microsoft E3 2018 Conference Last Two Hours?

A rumor is going around saying that the Microsoft E3 2018 conference will be lasting around two hours, around half an hour or so longer than what they normally are at. The conference will be one of the big three at E3, and hopefully this time Microsoft will have good stuff to show.

While Microsoft is one of the three major console manufacturers in gaming at this time, the company’s E3 offerings have often been meager, with very few exclusive games (if any at all) being shown, especially since a lot of the past Xbox conferences have mainly focused on media for the console itself, rather than any actual games.

Xbox president Phil Spencer had said that coming out with good exclusive games takes time, pointing towards how Playstation went an entire generation without any truly groundbreaking exclusives before throwing them all out on the Playstation 4 and leading that console to become the premiere one for this whole generation, especially over the Xbox One.

All of this, plus a lack of any true exclusives barring things like Cuphead or Quantum Break (which are still not true exclusives as they are both also available on PC) that would appeal to fans beyond Gears of War and Halo, have both prevented the Xbox One from being very successful, especially since there’s very little to keep Xbox fans from simply migrating to the Playstation 4.

While Microsoft has implemented a number of somewhat popular features such as the backwards compatibility system, and has been constantly adjusting the Xbox One dashboard to make it more appealing to players, what people want is more exclusive games from the console, especially now that Microsoft finally has a leg up over Playstation with the Xbox One X.

However, whether or not the Microsoft E3 2018 conference will be giving us those long-sought exclusive games remains to be seen, and whether or not the leak about how long the Microsoft E3 2018 conference is is even true. But we’ll have to wait until June 11, the day of the conference, to see for ourselves.