Wild Rumor Wants GTA San Andreas and Vice City Remaster In Works

New back to back rumors want GTA San Andreas and Vice City getting a remaster as a trilogy along with GTA 3. Could that be legit?

How would you feel about a potential remaster of the best GTA games, Vice City and San Andreas? As it seems, Grand Theft Auto is under the spotlight right now, as wild rumors want Rockstar Games to be releasing a GTA Trilogy. The trilogy supposedly includes GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA 3, all in remastered editions.

Before we lay down what we know, it’s important to note that the statement itself is just a rumor. Rockstar Games has no teasers, no hints, and no announcements on such a project. Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t surprise us if the rumors are totally false. Especially, since the Rockstar dev team must be working on their next games for next-gen consoles.

Ok, now let’s see what we know. For starters, we have Rockstar insider Mach, dropping a major bomb on GTA’s forums. He writes one simple word. “Soon”. As if this wasn’t enough the thread is tagged with the GTA San Andreas and Vice City tags, pointing to a potential remaster. In an interaction with a commenter, Mach made a metaphor with a “truck” with a “trailer” and a “powerful engine” which we’ll see in less than 3 months.

In another instance, one of the forum’s admins, Uni uploaded an image on Twitter, showing three GTA Online Shark Cards with a unique number on them. As Comicbook interestingly points out, the number”2001200220042013B46″ seems oddly familiar.

2001: GTA 3 Release Date

2002: GTA Vice City Release Date

2004: GTA San Andreas Release Date

2013: GTA 5 Release Date

B46: Probably pointing to be-fore 6, as in GTA 6

So, does the Grand Theft Auto franchise need a remaster? Both Vice City and San Andreas are considered classics and are still two of the most popular games to ever exist. As a result, players would never say no to a remastered trilogy. That is if it doesn’t eliminates chances of them getting GTA 6 in the next couple of years.

For what it’s worth, you should take this rumor with a grain of salt as nothing has confirmation. There’s also a good possibility that it won’t come true altogether. If this comes out as true though, then we might see a gap close between now and the release date of GTA 6. We can all agree that’s a good sign.

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