How To Get Ornaments In Wild Hearts

When you play Wild Heart for the first time, you can easily buy Wild Hearts Ornaments, armor, and other stuff with money...

Wild Hearts has a fantastic colorful world. In such a decorative world, players find it unpleasant when their game character is not adorned. When you play Wild Heart for the first time, you can easily buy Wild Hearts ornaments, armor, and other stuff with money. But, as you progress further and further, your armor and upgrades get very expensive. 

Crafting Wild Hearts ornaments

One thing that players like in this game is decorating their Wild Heart character. But ornaments are costly in Wild Hearts. However, there is a way to get an excellent ornament skin in Wild Hearts.

Here is how you can craft an awesome ornament in Wild Hearts:

  • You will need 4x Gold Dust and 1x mask template to craft the ornament.
  • You can easily find the gold dust but must play a side quest for the mask template.
  • Go to the main map, and select Chapter 2, “Ancient Technology.”
  • In Wild Hearts chapter 2, take the side quest named “Rising talent.
  • In this side quest, you must kill 2 Gritdogs in under 60 minutes and collect their Kemono Material.
  • Open the map, return to “Minato,” and report the quest to an NPC.

Once you meet the NPC, she will thank you for bringing her Kemono Materials. She will say that once Minato was full of fierce hunters, which gave an endless supply of Kemono Materials. But, time after time, the hunter dwindled, and the Kemono Materials became scarce.

  • After the cutscene, she will give you a Mask Template.
  • Once you have the Mask template, go to the shop and craft your ornament.
  • Craft the ornament you like and equip it.
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