Wild Hearts Amaterasu Boss Guide

Amaterasu is a flying kemono boss that is known to absorb all the Celestial Thread and can channel it in one powerful attack in Wild Hearts.

Amaterasu is a flying kemono boss in Wild Hearts that is known to absorb all the Celestial Thread and can channel it in one powerful attack. But who knew this was the time he was the most vulnerable to all the incoming attacks?

The less lethal Amaterasu wings are also a weapon on their own which he utilizes in all his wing and feather-based attacks. Fighting him will require using attacks like Crossbow Karakuri and Harpoon Karakuri.

Even after the help of all these powerful attacks, you need to have a knowledge of this flying kemono weakness towards nature elements. At the end of the day, being consistent with the strategies is what’s going to bring this kemono down.

Amaterasu location

In Wild Hearts, there are multiple locations where you can find Amaterasu. The first place where you will find this Kemono is in the Ruins of Minato while progressing through the main story.

The second place you will find Amaterasu will be in the Akikure Canyon. During the second encounter, the flying kemono will be easy to defeat as he is less powerful here.

Amaterasu weaknesses

Before you start gathering your weapons to beat Amaterasu, just keep in mind all the weakness of this flying kemono lies in the Wind element. Therefore, stack all the weapons that have powers in the Wind element.

Moving down to the Ailment weakness of Amaterasu. Poised and Ablaze are the ailments in which most of Amaterasu’s vulnerability lies. You need to use these to bring havoc on this giant Kemono.

You need to gather weapons like Hammers that can perform Slash or Pummel attacks to deal the most damage. Amaterasu is tough to defeat; therefore, you must be consistent with your attacks and aim for a clean shot against his weak spots.

Amaterasu soft spots that you need to target are Head and Wings. Targeting Amaterasu soft spots will deal the most amount of damage in Wild Hearts.

How to defeat Amaterasu in Wild Hearts

Amaterasu is not an easy boss to defeat. Therefore, it’s fitting to discuss our defense in terms of armor before moving down to the offense.

As most Amaterasu attacks and combos lie in the Nature attribute, you need to invest in good nature-resistant armor like the Mighty Kingtush set. This will improve your survival chances and allow you to perform counter-attacks.

While attacking Amaterasu, always aim for his soft and weak spots, his Head. Aiming at his Head will guarantee severe damage, but you have to stand before him and be vulnerable to being hit with his intense laser beam. You must always stay on your feet, as two or three direct hits from Amaterasu will be your end. It is important to keep dodging all the incoming attacks and perform counters whenever any possibility arises.

Moving now to the best attacks for Amaterasu for maximum damage. As Amaterasu will be in the air while making its thread absorption attack, we need an attack like Repeater Crossbow Karakuri that will bring him down and stop the attack.

You can easily unlock Repeater Crossbow Karakuri while fighting the Fumebeak if you bring Stake Karakuri and Glider.

The best time to attack Amaterasu is when it recharges its Celestial Thread. While fighting Amaterasu, avoid being cornered by the monster, as the arena has a lot of crevices and small bumps.

As you reach the end of the Amaterasu fight, you will unlock yet another effective attack against him called Harpoon Karakuri. Amaterasu will be impossible to bring down while it does the Grand Solar Flare.

For all the bird movements of Amaterasu during the Grand Solar Flare, you can use Harpoon Karakuri. Utilize all the remaining chances to attack Amaterasu using the Firework Karakuri that can effectively stun him.

Amaterasu materials and drops

As Amaterasu is a hard boss to beat, the efforts in bringing this flying kemono down will all be worth it after looking at all the materials which he drops. The list of all the items and materials dropped by Amaterasu are listed below:

  • Amaterasu Backbone
  • Amaterasu Bast
  • Amaterasu Pinion
  • Dawn Guard Kemono Blood
  • Dawn Guard Teardrops
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Beak
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Horn
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Pinion
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Tail
  • Daibolic Amaterasu Talon
  • Giant Autumn Breeze Crystal

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