Wii U Sales Up By 1500% in Japan, More Than PS3 and Xbox 360 Combined

There's still hope for Wii U; the Wii Party U bundle helps Nintendo sell nearly 39,000 units in last week boosting the sales by 1500%.

Finally, something for Nintendo to cheer about in regards to Wii U. we have been hearing about the below par performance of the console since last year I guess it was about time the poor thing got something good in its name.

Wii Party U, a recently released minigame bundle has fueled up the sales of Wii U by 1500%.

The sales data from last week suggests that the console still has potential; a total of 38,802 units were sold last week in Japan alone, compare that to the previous week’s 2,598 units, and you will understand what I mean.

The week before this one, Wii U had performed better than Xbox 360 and Wii alone – Xbox 360 of course doesn’t have a market in Japan.

On the other hand, this week it has outdone Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, PlayStation3, PlayStation Vita and even 3DS; the only console that performed better than Wii U was 3DS XL with 58,627 units.

According to Destrucoid, opening week of Wii Party U has sold 37,371 units making it to the number 6 spot on the software charts of Japan.


Wii Party U has been available in Japanese market since October 21, in US and EU since October 25, and comes bundled with Wii Remote Plus.

Source: 4Gamer Via Gametsu

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