Wii U Beats PS4 and Xbox One in Japan, Latest Hardware Sales Numbers Are in

Wii U has outsold Xbox One and PS4 in Japan from December 7 to December 13. Latest sales figures for the week are in.

Although Wii U is pretty much on a ventilator, it is still showing signs of life. According to the latest sales number for the week ended December 13, Wii U outsold PS4 and Xbox One in Japan.

Well, we shouldn’t count Xbox One as there is hardly any existence of this platform in the land of the rising sun. Microsoft’s latest only managed to sell over 600 units in the week.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 sold 38.497 during the same timeframe but it was Wii U that took the lead. Selling over 45K units from December 7 to December 13, Wii U was the best selling console.

But, this only made Wii U the second best hardware for the week. 3DS was on front of everybody with over 100,000 units.

2015 is Wii U’s last stand because Nintendo is planning to introduce NX in 2016. Its reveal will most probably happen at E3 2016, so expect news to be shared.

NX is shaping up to be a unique little machine and if a few patents are to be lived. It may not have an optical drive, on top of that, its controller will have an integrated screen.

The controller itself is going to act as a handheld as well.

On paper NX looks good but the most important part, as I have said before, is developer support. Wii U’s demise was the lack of support from the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Activision.

Do you think NX will have an impact on the market?

Source: Media Create

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