Why Subnautica So Popular Right Now?

Subnautica is among the most popular games right now and if you are having a hard time figuring out why that is the case, here are the top reasons why the game is loved by a large part of the community right now.

Every now and then a game comes along that offers something unique that the community really enjoys. One such game released recently, Subnautica. It is currently a really popular title in the gaming community but why? Here is a rundown of the some of the features and aspects of Subnautica that make is worth your time.

Detailed Environment
Subnautica opens to you playing as an able crewman, sometime in the late 23rd century, who is aboard a crashing starship named Aurora which later crash-lands on a remote alien Waterworld following a mysterious explosion. You gain consciousness in a damaged escape pod and see Aurora burning in the distant horizon. Your first mission is to repair your pod and that’s where the exploration of the vast environment begins.

The environment that has so successfully reimagined underwater lifeforms and biomes that it has led some to even declare it as being one of the best and most detailed atmospheres of the gaming history. That’s saying a lot.

Scary Leviathans and Small Creatures
Another reason is that in the same beautiful environment are the equally detailed creatures and plants that make the game even more immersive as you discover new species or capture few for your own survival. Yea you’re alone and trying to survive but at least you’re surrounded by peaceful nature nope spoke too soon! And this ugly beast is the exact thing that gives Subnautica a scary turn that has players hooked. Plus, the sounds that follow not only every creature but the environment, hinting at the oncoming dangers, are so immersive, especially during the nighttime explorations.

Problem Solving
Also, the gameplay offers such problems and mysteries that can be solved through exploration of the vast sea. If you need materials to build something, from bigger oxygen tanks to mammoth base stations then you find the base material underwater. It’s fun and it doesn’t bore you into swimming long journeys to do the same tasks. It rewards exploration while still encouraging you to push yourself, and it helps the landscape tell the game’s story. This creates a unique progression as well that Subnautica is also popular for.

Better Than Other Ocean Survival Games
Moreover, this needs to be stressed that Subnautica is not the only one of its kind. There are other ocean survival games, like Depth for instance, which even has the ever “required” multiplayer that Subnautica doesn’t but still Subnautica is widely loved because it has no competition posed by the rivalries of multiplayer.

You’re immersed in the strive to survive and see what’s around you. Besides, there’s not even any real combat in Subnautica. There are no guns you can hold against sharks’ snouts and trust me that’s not a loss at all. In a lot of crafting games, once you hit the high-level resources and are able to craft the best items, you’re overpowered, and without any threat the game gets boring. Subnautica allows you to build items and tech that better defend you and your vehicles, but you never have the means to eliminate threats completely. This keeps the game exciting from the first minute of play all the way into the 30th or 40th hour, and rewards proper planning and resource management instead of just how good your gun is.

Good Storyline
Even the storyline doesn’t have to be strictly followed. Subnautica provides players with the freedom to roam without a map and follow whatever catches your eye because as captivating the storyline is, it gives you the chance to explore and unfurls later to bring you back to whatever you may have left behind. That is exciting for a majority of players who want to be given an open world like.  No Man’s Sky but one which isn’t as monotonous and Subnautica provides just that with a promise of extensive replayability which will always capture your interest no matter how many times you’ve played it.

As simple as they are, these are the reasons why Subnautica is so popular. But do let us know what you love about Subnautica in the comments below.

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