What’s With Bloodborne The Old Hunters Price Increase in Europe?

Okay so many of the European fans of Bloodborne The Old Hunters might have come across a listing of the expansion pack where they have also mentioned the price. Did you notice anything different about it?

Interestingly, Sony Computer Entertainment seems to have secretly upped the price of the DLC pack as we draw closer to the November release.

In case you don’t remember, let me jog your memory with a cached version of a post from the official PlayStation EU Blog. If you check out this link, Masaaki Yamagiwa (Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio) clearly states Bloodborne The Old Hunters will be released at a price of €14.99.

Now, if you check the official PlayStation Store listing of the expansion right now, it says that you will have to pay €19.99 for it. We are not suggesting that the price change came in just now, but the timing doesn’t matter, what matters is that the originally announced price was different.

Not only Euros, but the price in UK Pounds has also been changed. Originally it was supposed to be £11.99 (according to the same Blog post) and now it is listed for £15.99 at the UK Store.

We will be contacting Sony to get an official word on the price of Bloodborne The Old Hunters.

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