Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Tips

Our Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Tips will get you up to speed with all the tips and tricks that you should know before you jump into the apocalyptic world of WTA Earthblood.

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Tips

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood is out, and players all over the world are eager to have a go at it.

Although the dynamics of this game are fairly straightforward and easy to understand, there are some essential tips – knowing which beforehand, will come in pretty handy.

Our guide below contains a detailed version of those tips!

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood features two stances: agile and heavy.

The agile stance is best utilized at the start of a battle when you have to quickly run through the battlefields while picking off easy enemies.

With easy enemy pickings, you’ll also be able to fill up your rage quickly as execution yields more rage.

Once you’ve dealt with the weaker enemies, switch to the heavy stance against the tougher ones.

This is because there are damage reduction and resistance to staggering with agile stance when it comes to the tougher foes.

Offering excellent stagger resistance and damage points, the heavy stance can certainly help you turn the table on your opponents.

Frenzy Mode
Simply put, frenzy mode is something like a super mod, providing you with benefits from both agile and heavy stances.

However, when in frenzy mode, you can’t use abilities or be healed so it’s best to activate it when you’re at your maximum HP or at least close to it.

Combo meter is an important measure of your character’s frenzy mode. The higher the reading on your combo meter, the faster the build-up of the frenzy mode, meaning that the faster the fury gained.

Since the combo meter is surged up more by the heavy stance than its agile counterpart, you can understand why you need to turn on the heavy mode during the later part of a battle.

Combo Patterns
Both the stances possess their own combo patterns of fast and strong attacks and in order to dish out maximum possible damage, you need to know the difference between them.

Strong attacks leave you open for counter so it’s not smart to spam them on enemies in hard difficulty.

In Agile Stance, you can combine fast attacks (1/2/3) with 2x strong attacks in a single combo.

So, carry out the fast attacks, followed by the strong attacks to finish off a sequence.

In Heavy Stance, you can combine fast attacks (1/2/3) with 1x strong attack.

So, execute the fast attacks, followed by the one strong attack to finish off a sequence in Heavy Stance.

Werewolf Upgrades
For werewolf upgrades, you’ve got yourself two playstyle choices to begin with: combat and tactical.

It’s recommended that you choose your preferred playstyle at the onset of the game. There aren’t enough points available so you won’t be able to make every upgrade happen anyway.

If stealth is your approach, then tactical upgrades are your choice.

However, since you’re bound to engage in fighting at one stage of the game or the other, you should consider picking some combat upgrades alongside as well.

Additionally, sabotage your opponents and eliminate them one by one before you go on to enrage your character.

As for the combat upgrades, select them if you’re looking to annihilate anything that comes your way.

To complement the combat upgrades, the only tactical upgrade you should go for is the Release the Wolf I, which enhances your maximum rage.

It’s crucial, however, that you select the right combat upgrades. General Combat Upgrades, Spirit of the Fray, and Power Stomp are not particularly useful, especially with the Agile Stance.

Skill Points
Skill points are earned through the completion of mission objectives and after you’ve gained enough spirit.

The simplest way that you can acquire spirit is by searching the room after each fight.

Turn on your vision mode and look for these spirits. You’ll commonly find them in the corners of the room.

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