Weird West: Witch at the Crossroads and Heathen’s Box Guide

Witch at the Crossroads is an event in the Weird West that has a small task for you to complete. In this task, you will be given a Heathen’s Box. This Weird West guide will cover complete details about the Witch at the Crossroads and Heathen’s Box.

Weird West: Witch at the Crossroads and Heathen’s Box

Witch at the Crossroad is an event that happens during the first episode of Weird West while you are exploring the map. This event will happen multiple times during the whole game and has different outcomes.

For the first time, this event happens during the Bounty Hunter’s main quest. There is no specific instance for this to happen.

Getting the Heathen’s Box in Weird West

Once the Witch at the Crossroad event pop up you must accept it. When you load the instance, it will take you to a desert map where you will find the Heathen.

Talk to her and she will give you the Heathen Box and ask you not to open it. She says that she will take it back from you later. Don’t open it because if you do so you will find nothing and lose the chance of getting the achievement.

Returning the Heathen’s Box

This box is going to change hands between 5 different characters during each episode. You have to get back to the old character to get this back. These characters include the Pigman, Protector, Werewolf, and Oneirist.

Winning the Slapping Contest

You have to wait till you reach episode 4 as the werewolf, during this sometimes you again get the Witch at the Crossroads event. In the second Witch at the Crossroads event, Heathen will challenge you with a slapping contest.

You are not going to win this challenge, but you must make sure it happens. This will make sure that the event will happen again a little later in the game.

After that, you can progress to episode 5. Here while you are playing as an Oneirist follow the story to get to the Somnolence. In Somnolence, you will find an area called Authority’s Quarters.

Here you will find the Amulet of the Open Palm that is required for winning the Slapping Contest in Weird West.

After that continue to explore the map till you get to the event again. This time, because of the Amulet, when the event appears you can easily win it. As a reward, you will get the Nimp Relic from a chest close to it.

In the same episode, you may get the Witch at the Crossroads event again in which Heathen will ask you to return the Box. You will get the “What’s in the box?” Achievement for doing so.

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