Weird West The Abducted Blacksmith Quest Guide

The Abducted Blacksmith is one of the quests in Weird West that is given to you by Betty Jones. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about starting The Abducted Blacksmith quest and completing it as well in the Weird West.

Finding the Abducted Blacksmith in Weird West

This quest is given to you when you arrive at Grackle by a woman named Betty Bones. You will find this lady at the entrance of the Grackle which is close to the Sheriff’s Office.

This lady will tell you that her husband has been kidnapped. You must select the option of “say you are–they took your husband”. After that, you have to agree to look for her husband.

You will be given five days to complete this quest. Follow the woman after the conversation and she will lead you toward the footprints.  Investigate them, after that you have to get to the Greenwood Run to find the Abducted Blacksmith.

Once you reach the Greenwood Run he will call out for you. You will find him inside a cage that is locked. You can open this with the lockpicks, but there is no need to waste them as the key is close by.

In front of the cage, there is a small one-room house right opposite a big house. Enter it and you will find the Key to the Prisoners Cages on a small table inside the house.

Use that key to free the Abducted Blacksmith from the cage. He will now escape from here and you can continue to progress on your main objectives.

After that to finish this quest, you have to get back to Grackle and talk to Blacksmith’s wife at the Blacksmith Shop to claim your reward. She will give you a Medley Spiritstouch and Copper Quill.

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