How to Kill Shelby Cross in Weird West

In this Weird West guide, we will let you know how to kill Shelby Cross by walking you through the contract.

While playing Bounty Hunter Jane Bell in Weird West, you’ll undoubtedly encounter the Stillwater gang. When you switch on over to Pigman Cl’erns Qui’g, you’ll have to opportunity to take on the contract to kill Shelby Cross, the stillwater gang leader. In this Weird West guide, we will let you know how to kill Shelby Cross by walking you through the contract.

How to Kill Shelby Cross in Weird West

Killing Shelby Cross is an optional contract you can take on while playing as Pigman, so it’s easy to miss. Once you accept the contract, you’re limited to 15 days to kill Shelby, so you’ll need to prepare well


Go to Bell Stead and find Jane Bell. She’ll have all her useful abilities with the and will be an incredible asset in your fight against Shelby.

Next, get yourself a horse to accompany you on your journey, and you’ll get to your destination faster and avoid all the hurdles in the way.

Finally, bring some Dynamite to help you in fighting Shelby Cross.

With all of this prepared, head to the Copper Mountain Quarry; the main story will lead you here for the final part of episode one. Once you have arrived, you’ll fight off some enemies before entering the quarry. Finally, you’ll find a key on top of a crate near the entrance to unlock the door.


First Lever

Now that you’re inside, you’ll come across some foes in the area. Follow the path that will lead you to the flooded cavern with some sirens inside. You’ll find three switches that have to activate to open the door and fight Shelby Cross. Move along the train tracks and jump towards the cavern on your left. You’ll find a switch in the corner; shoot at this switch.

Second Lever

Now once again, follow the train tracks through the flooded cavern, and you’ll find a table in the water next to a torch. Jump on this table to jump onto a ledge to take you to another room. Inside this room, you’ll find the second lever.

Final Lever

Continue walking into the massive room with enemies, and you’ll come across a door at the very end with one pillar in front. Before opening this door, head to the corridor on the left and go through the ‘keep out sign. You’ll find another room with a cell inside accessible using a bridge.

You may now finish off the enemies and lower the bridge, and this is where you’ll unite with your husband. Directly jump from the cell onto the ledge on the opposite side and follow the way to a curtain, where the last lever is located.

Shelby Cross Boss Fight

After you have activated all the switches, return to the door with the pillar. You’ll come across a flooded corridor and then a large room which can be entered through a curtain or a gap. Inside this room, you’ll find Shelby Cross.

Shelby Cross isn’t alone; He has backup in the form of two Stillwater Rangers. These guys along with his dynamite and Shotgun make for a tough boss. The space is pretty tight but try and maneuver out of the way of the dynamite whenever you can.

Focus on taking out the rangers first as they are quite easy to kill but annoying if left alive. Once they’re down, focus on Shelby and attack when you see openings. The best time to attack is when Shelby starts reloading.

When Shelby gets low enough, he’ll transform into a Siren Devourer. This form looks intimidating but isn’t much harder than his human self. Simply avoid his stunning scream and the rest should be easy enough.

Following are the rewards you receive after killing Shelby:

  • Silver Machete
  • Trophy – Elusive Pre
  • $225
  • Silver Stubbs Double-Barrel

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