Watch Dogs Legion DedSec Chapter Squad Goals Walkthrough

After the disaster at the end of the Prologue, Squad Goals is the first proper chapter in Watch Dogs Legion...

After the disaster at the end of the Prologue, Squad Goals is the first proper chapter in Watch Dogs Legion where you learn the systems of the game. In this guide, we have given the complete walkthrough of Watch Dogs Legion DedSec Chapter Squad Goals.

Watch Dogs Legion Squad Goals

The Squad Goals chapter is broken down into four main missions. Below we have given the walkthroughs of each mission; Light a Spark, Clarion Call, Reporting for Duty and Digging Up the Past.

Light a Spark

At the start of the chapter, DedSec Chapter – Squad Goals, you’re given two yellow marks on the map.

Your main two objectives are to Acquire Albion Operations Data and Disrupt Albion Propaganda.

Acquiring the Data isn’t a piece of cake as the area you entered is restricted and you may get attacked by guards if you are found trespassing.

So, be careful and make sure to scan the area to find a few hidden cameras that you can hack.

Hacking the cameras helps you find the enemies in the area and prevents an attack. Also, from the cameras, you can activate traps.

Now, about the facility, you can enter through the orange lift on the south side of the area.

Simply hack it and it will take you to the second floor, avoid the guards and walk beside the railing and make sure not to fall down.

Once you reach the entrance, you’ll notice it is locked. So, head to the Closed-Circuit Terminal, interact with it and unlock the entrance to the Albion Data.

Enter the room, grab the data from the hard drive (marked with a yellow mission marker) and leave the area.

Once you’ve collected the data, you’re going to Disrupt Albion Propaganda. The mission marker is set on the top of a building nearby.

To reach it, you must head into the alley at the back of the building, hack the orange lift to head up to the rooftop.

Once at the rooftop, use the pipe on the left to climb up and grab the collectible from the right and keep climbing the pipe till you reach the mission marker.

Here you should interact with the terminal to Disrupt the Albion Propaganda. Thus, ending the first mission.

Clarion Call

At the beginning of Clarion Call, you must find a journalist who has information against the Albion.

For the encounter, follow the mission marker to a building’s lobby and find the journalist at the entrance.

Interact with him to trigger a cutscene where the journalist tells you detailed information about Albion.

Once the cutscene is over, head over to the King’s Cross Station.

Once inside, use your Scouting mode to locate a hidden camera in the area while the journalist tells you about the news drones you can hack.

After hacking the drones, head to the generator’s schematics.

You can use your camera with the help of the hacked drones to take pictures (you’ll receive a prompt when you’re required to take a picture).

Once done, head across the station and find a Detonation Code on a table. Download the code with the help of your minimap and keep an eye on the enemy drones.

There’s a generator on the side; interact with it to sabotage the generator, making Camden defiant. A cutscene will trigger and you’ll complete this mission.

Reporting for Duty

This is a really challenging mission as it includes multiple objectives to complete.

The mission starts with Bagley giving you a task to steal SIRS servers. For the objectives, you must head over to the Ministry of Civic Management and investigate SIRS AR Tech.

But, as you enter the area, you’ll trigger scanners and set off an alarm. Therefore, the best option is to hack the ctOS Drone and deactivate the scanners from the red panel on the pillar.

Once deactivated, you can enter through the door and find a console to interact with that give Bagley access to the AR Tech.

While Bagley is stealing the Tech, you can investigate the area, hack a few cameras, etc.

At this point, you can help out Bagley by interacting with a ctOS hub at the north side of the area. Once reached, hack the hub and choose the SIRS Data Archive option.

Now, escape the area and visit the nearest construction place (marked by Bagley).

Once at the location, use the profiler to find a construction worker who has access to the cargo drone. Save the Recruit and interact with him to start a side mission.

The side mission tasks you to deal with a Gang called Clan Kelley. Head to the Camden market, hack the laptop but before that, make sure to hack cameras to see your enemy’s location.

The laptop is locked at the warehouse; use the ID Pad, find the Closed-Circuit Terminal at the second story building.

Once done, return to the laptop room, use Spiderbot to open the entrance, and erase the laptop’s data.

Visit the safehouse and meet the Recruits at Connie’s Pub to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, you’ll receive a new objective to Reach the Heist Location.

Once at the location, activate the cargo drone and hack it to fly to the close located building.

At the building, you must attach the Cargo Drone to a heavy object to lift it and that certain object is a server on the helipad.

Once lifted, take the delivery to a truck with water and trigger a cutscene after a while. After the cutscene, launch an AR Reconstruction Test.

Now, Bagley assigns you a task to drive the truck to a location for some information.

For the AR Reconstruction Test, head near the Buckingham Palace to launch it, then drive the truck to the Piccadilly Circus.

Once at the location, you’re required to launch another AR Reconstruction Test while dealing with a bunch of Albion cops.

Once you’ve taken care of the cops, the downloading will be over and you need to leave the truck and run away as there’s going to be a massive explosion.

Return to the safehouse, and find the terminal near the couch to trigger a cutscene after which the mission ends.

Digging Up the Past

In this mission, you must head over to the TOAN conference area to investigate the encrypted signals.

Once at the location, watch out for the guards since this area is fully restricted.

The highly recommended option is to dress up like a construction worker and fit into this construction site’s environment.

Scan the ID pad at the garage door to find the location of the key and continue to find the signals.

You can use the Spiderbot here to sneak inside the building to find the signals in a destroyed area outside the building.

There are two holes in the ground that you can jump into with the Spiderbot to get to the mission marker.

Once inside the hole, find the signals nearby, interact with them, and receive a Damaged Spiderbot Leg.

Once that’s done, you’ll be given three locations to head over to. Use the minimap to find these locations and interact with the ctOS consoles.

The first location is near the Signal source, the second being outside above the tent and for the last one, you must enter the building at the back.

Head back to the area you found the Damaged Spiderbot Leg interact with the mission marker to trigger an event. At this point, you must follow the three people who stopped walking.

Interact with them and they’ll give you information about the Zero-Day. With the Spiderbot, hop on to the vent above to investigate the AR footage.

You’ll end up near some rubble and you must reach its back for The AR reconstruction to continue.

To reach the back, use a Spiderbot and go through the same vent to investigate. The vents will lead you to a room with the AR Footage.

Interact with the barrels inside the van there and escape the area. Once escaped, head over to the New Scotland Yard and find your mission marker near it.

Break into the police station and grab a few pieces of evidence.

Breaking in doesn’t mean you literally break-in. Start with hacking the cameras in the area to find the enemy location.

Through the camera footage, you’ll find a person working on a damaged Spiderbot. Hack that too and find a desk, hop onto it and enter the next room through a small window.

Make a right and raise a window that you can hop on. Now, hop onto the vent near the Window and each an unlocked vent at the top to reach a room with AC units.

Find a room at the back, head right and jump onto the yellow pipe. This way, you can jump onto the AC units and reach a locked vent. Open the vent and you’ll fall onto the ceiling.

Keep going through the vents to reach a fan you can interact with. You can then drop down and lead yourself to an opened vent to reach a ceiling vent on the floor to drop down from.

This is the last part of the mission, where you must find the damaged Spiderbot to escape the area.

Hack the cameras, deactivate the door scanners and head right, then head up and watch out for the guards there.

Jump to the railing near the lounge area that leads you towards the damaged Spiderbot. Grab it to escape the area and get ready to investigate the Ground station.

Head to the mission marker, find two locked doors below the bridge and access the Closed-Circuit Terminal to head inside. You can simply shoot the terminal to break in.

Once in, hack into the ctOS terminal, click the Grnd_Sta_TK437 button/file, hack the audio log, then hack the computers tower at the left side to trigger a video package from Kaitlin Lau.

Once the video is over, you’ll finally end the mission along with the Watch Dogs Legion Squad Goals chapter.

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