Watch Dogs Legion Kelly Chapter Down the Darkweb Walkthrough

This guide is the walkthrough of the three story missions that you will have to do in Watch Dogs: Legion chapter, Down the Darkweb.

This guide is the walkthrough of the three story missions that you will have to do in Watch Dogs: Legion chapter, Down the Darkweb. Clan Kelley’s story resumes from where you left off in Body Snatchers.

Watch Dogs Legion Down the Darkweb

The three missions covered in this guide are Crashing the Auction, Market Closing and Falling from Grace. These missions in Down the Darkweb chapter finish off the Clan Kelley storyline of Watch Dogs Legion.

Crashing the Auction

The first short mission for the Kelley Chapter – Down the Darkweb is Crashing the Auction.

Your main objective in the mission is to hijack an invitation that Kelley sent for her slave market sale.

The first thing you need to get done is to acquire the drone, which is being used to send the invitation.

Head outside and keep looking for the yellow mission markers flying through the air.

For ease of access, you need to have the upgrade for hijacking parcel drones. But if you can’t have it, just stay patient and even if you miss one, another will come.

Once you have received the invitation, your next objective is to investigate the slave auction.

Head towards the mission marker, and as you approach it, it will change into ‘Spy on the Slave Auction.’

Head down to the ctOS terminal and watch security camera number 5.

You can see the complete live feed of the slave market here. After a short cutscene, the camera will fall over, providing an angle to hijack a new one.

Keep bouncing between cameras this way until you see an access key at the next mission marker.

Your next step is to investigate the basement, so head towards the basement by either using an operator with a Clan Kelley disguise or directly dealing with the Kelley enforcers.

Once you get to the basement, the first thing you should know is that there are numerous red explosive canisters, which you know what to do with should the guards get testy.

Move ahead directly towards the table. You will find a hard drive on the table so interact with it.

It will show you a video on the Golden Goose, which is a market for selling people and organs.

Leave the area then and use a spiderbot to hack information from the Supervisor. Once done, leave the area and towards the next mission – Market Closing.

Market Closing

The next mission in Down the Darkweb is Market Closing. The first thing that you need to do here is to hack the NeoGate camera network.

So, enter the NeoGate from the rear side and then use your Spiderbot along the air ducts to a vent system.

This way, easily go upstairs towards the ctOS terminal and don’t mind the two people inside there as they are not guards.

So, hack into the system and tap the Research Development button to reveal a live camera feed. Someone in the feed will be explaining the microchips that are being used by Clan Kelley.

Now you need to access the Golden Goose server room. You can either go there as the spiderbot using the vents or take the stairs.

When you get enough close to the server room, hijack a camera to disable the laser that makes your way ahead impossible.

Once done, head towards the mission objective and interact with the computer tower.

Now the last part of the mission is to overload the servers to destroy them. You should be able to see a yellow outlined panel by looking through the window above your laptop.

Interact with the panel and you will be compelled to solve a puzzle.

You can also use the cameras inside the server room to position the two blue nodes that you will need to unlock the panel.

However, if you are having difficulty understanding the vague images of cameras inside, send the spiderbot in to make the work easier for you.

Start from each of the blue nodes and work your way to the final center node.

Just keep lining up the paths to unlock the newer ones and soon as you hit the final node, the server will be overloaded and the alarm will start ringing.

Your work here is done, so escape as fast and as smart as possible.

Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace is the final mission of the Down the Darkweb chapter.

Since you have already crashed the auction and closed down the market, the last thing you need to do is to help the remaining servants.

So, return to the Sandstone residence and find the hidden security rooms in order to disable any microchips in the area.

Use the camera system to locate a small courtyard in the center of the building and then download a keycard on one of the benches by hijacking a camera.

Break into The Sandstone Residence and stay unarmed if you want to play smart. Without raising suspicion, head towards the yellow mission marker and then look for the exact spot to enter the security room.

If you can’t find the room, don’t worry. There is a light bulb on the wall with a pipe that can be rotated. Rotate it to reveal the hidden room behind the clock.

Enter the room and interact with the computer to trigger a cutscene in which Mary Kelley will be getting attacked by several servants. Since the microchips are disabled, her remote also can’t work on all of the servants.

Now all the guards will be on alert too and you will have to make your way through them. Interact with a panel to power up the lift and survive against the guards.

Now, just head towards the mission marker and take the elevator down to Mary Kelley. Go further down the hall and a cutscene will be triggered.

This concludes the Watch Dogs: Legion Down the Darkweb Chapter right after the cutscene ends.