Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Connie Robinson Missions Guide

To help you out with Connie Robinson's Resistance Missions, we have prepared this handy Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline guide.

Among the many new NPCs assigning you side missions in Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC is Connie Robinson, the owner of The Earl’s Fortune pub. To help you out with Connie Robinson’s Resistance Missions, we have prepared this handy Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline guide.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Connie Robinson Missions

Connie Robinson’s Resistance Missions in WD Legion Bloodline will start with you entering The Earl’s Fortune pub, locate it from the map and then visit Connie Robinson. Press Y to talk to her and start your missions.

A cutscene will play, and you will get to know that Connie was already expecting you due to a call with Jackson. You will tell her about a bomb part that you have been looking for, Connie links you to a smuggler friend that she knows. This will mark the start of your Connie Robinson Resistance Missions.

You can find all of Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Connie Robinson Missions below and how to complete each of them.

Friends in Low Places

You will go and meet Connie’s friend Freddie on this mission. You’ll ask her about Connie, and she’ll be able to identify you. You will ask her about bomb supplies, but she will ask you to help her in return. She will tell you about a shipment of hers that is stuck because of some personal issues. This will lead you to the start of your next mission. The cutscene will finish, and you’ll have to go and acquire the packages.

From your weapon inventory, select a multi drone, this will help you to acquire the packages. Launch this drone in front of you, the controls for this drone are pretty simple. You may use Y for Hijack, A to recall it, and X for a sonic charge.

Additionally, you can use RB for Air mode.  Now that your drone is up in the air beware of any guards approaching. You’ll be able to scan them for their information as well.

Package no. 1

The first package will be lying outside Albion Station Wapping with a guard standing nearby. Stay out of the guard’s sight and locate the package and get a hold of it. You will have to be careful about keeping the drone in your range to avoid disconnecting from it.

You’ll have to get on a lower platform to get a hold of the drone once again. Once you have a hold over the drone again, relocate your package and then drop it inside the case placed at the right side of the park.

Package no. 2

Next, head inside the building from the access point with police painted on the ground. Hack the electric entrance and enter it. You’ll be able to locate another package, place it in the same box/case as the one before.

Package no. 3

Now head towards the port in the front, and on the black platform, you will find another package along with some ropes and tools. Bring this package back to the box.

Escape and Deliver

Now it’s time to put into use the black van nearby. Press Y to enter and run in an attempt to escape your pursuers. Circle around the city and enter thin alleyways to lose the pursuers. Once you lose the chasers, a blue path will appear, which will lead you to your destination. A yellow dot will also help you track your distance from your target location.

You will eventually end up in a dark parking lot where you will have to park your van. Get out of the car after reaching the drop point.

You will talk to Freddie over the call, and she will tell you that she left something for you with Connie. So head on to St Paul’s Cathedral and talk to Connie to find out what Freddie left for you.

Meeting with Connie

Connie will assure you that if there’s anything you need like weapons, supplies, or money, she and her partner will be willing to trade for favors. At this point, you will acquire an upgrade of an LTL Goblin.

Back to the pub, you’ll go to Connie and ask her what Freddie has left for you. Connie will tell you about an Albion Warehouse that she and her teammates are planning on shooting up. Connie suggests that you raid storehouse number 8 on your own since you are The Aiden Pearce. She assures you about an ETO in return.

The cutscene will end, and your next Resistance mission will start.

Resistance Business

The mission will start at Albion Station Camden, climb up to the top of the building from the back by using an orange-colored pipe. Get to the top and approach the entrance point. Now hijack the security camera to get a view inside the building.

Find a guard in a hallway with stairs and scan him for the key. Press x to download the key and now crouch and silently enter the building.  Destroy the two raid supplies that you will find in the restricted area. These raid supplies will be marked with a yellow dot.

Exit the building and get to an area at a reasonable amount of distance from the facility for you to launch your multi drone.

Now at the Albion Station, you will find a Hauler Military vehicle in the garage to hijack and move outside. Move it forward and then backward and hit it with the wall in front to destroy it.

Connie will tell you about team five being in trouble and ask you to visit them. You’ll make a deal about helping her team members in return for the tripled amount of ETO as promised.

Rescuing Team Five

Visit Camden High Street, where you’ll find team five. Snatch the truncheon from one of the cops and start fighting them and rescue Connie’s friends. Grab your system crash tools and head on to the location marked yellow on the map. Deactivate the checkpoint, then hide and escape from the attackers. Get to safety by exiting the area marked red, indicating danger on the map.

The mission will end here, and you will acquire your hard-earned reward, the Disrupt Hack Upgrade.

Protest Punks

Meet with Connie, and she’ll tell you about a political campaign of a politician Roy Cadwell, who is a leading candidate for the upcoming city council elections. According to her, he is a total loon and threat to the immigrants in London. So she plans to sabotage his political campaign. She intends to dig dirt on Roy and assigns you this job.

Head on to the bank and get ready to get your hands on Cadwell’s Bank Records. Launch your multi drone and head near the vent located at the far end of the hallway labeled ctOS. Before heading inside the duct, you will find a spider bot dock nearby, where you can spawn a spider bot.

Next, head on inside the vent and upwards, where you will come across protective laser barriers, they will recharge and go off for a few seconds. Wait for them to recharge and then pass through.

You’ll now reach the system that will allow you to download Cadwell’s Bank Records. Connie will receive the records. Now all you need to do is get out of the bank.

Track Cadwell’s Caller

Head over to City Hall to track the Optik who is calling Cadwell. Keep walking, and towards your right, you will find Kelly, a middle-aged woman in a suit, wearing glasses. She has short and curly dark hair. Hack into her call, and you’ll be able to listen to her talking to Cadwell.

Apparently, she will be threatening Cadrell about blowing his cover if he doesn’t pay her on time. Now you need to upload the evidence during the Campaign Event for everyone to see. A timer will appear on the corner of your screen. Finally, you’ll need to relaunch your drone and broadcast the phone call.

Your mission will end here, and you will receive the promised amount of ETO.

Ghost of London

Back in the pub, you’ll meet with Connie, and she will tell you about this streamer Phantom who has been breaking into major organizations’ buildings. Connie needs you to find this trespasser as she believes he can be a part of Connie’s team.

In this mission, you will be required to investigate all the locations that this hacker has targeted to find a trail he might have left behind.

In Lambeth Palace, head on to the location marked on the map. Interact with the device and retrieve the data while staying out of sight of the guard nearby. Keep your drone up in the air while retrieving data to avoid getting caught.

Now get into the white car and head on to the location marked on the map. You’ll reach a dead-end, and now you will have to use your drone to get into the MI6 building. You’ll find your target location that is marked with a yellow pointer under a tree with a guard nearby.

Hack your target and retrieve the data while staying out of the sight of the guards. You’ll find some critical audio files discussing a suspicious project called Project Chiroptera.

Get into a car nearby and get out of the area marked red on the map. Now you’ll be tracking Phantom based on a sound proximity tracker. Connie will talk to you about this suspicious project on your way to the location. The proximity tracker will let you know if you’re on track or off track.

You’ll eventually reach a building labeled Parcel Fox. This building is the source of sound that you have been tracking. In about 93 meters from the building, get out of the car and start walking on your feet.

Follow the yellow pointer and the proximity tracker, use your drone to head on inside. In the middle of the room, in a much-hidden spot, you’ll find Phantom’s corpse and an SMS file. You’ll discover that Phantom was a kid named Milo Chandra.

After Analyzing Phantom’s body, head on inside yourself, and you’ll find an AR cloak. Get your drone and escape the area as the security in this area is tense. You will acquire an AR Shroud Upgrade as a reward.

And that’s a wrap for all of your Resistance Missions with Connie Robinson. Completing all of the Connie Robinson Missions will help you unlock Viva la Resistance, an achievement in Bloodline.

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