Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Jordi Chin Missions Guide

All of the new Jordi Chin missions that came with the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC will be covered in this guide. We will be providing you with extensive yet easy-to-follow walkthroughs so you can breeze through the missions without any hassle.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Jordi Chin Missions

If you want to get upgrades for Wrench, you will have to complete Jordi Chin’s Resistance Missions in WD Legion Bloodline. As you keep completing these missions, you will gain access to new gadgets, weapons, and other fun upgrades.

There are five of these missions to complete for Jordi in Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC and we will be going through all of them.

Rempart Rampage

For this mission Wrench will be tasked to steal a drone from a secure facility and then destroy multiple targets located near different buildings. First, you need to head over to the yellow marker which is the Nexus Tower.

Steal the Drone

Once inside, you need to vault over the glass wall but be sure to divert the guard nearby by hacking his phone. Once he is distracted, you need to sneak upstairs. Be careful as there is a drone patrolling the area. Wait for it to pass and then go to the console and interact with it to steal the drone. Once you have the drone, you need to find a secure place to hide and then start using the drone.

Destroy Targets

Now, you’ll be using the stolen drone to destroy multiple targets located across different buildings. Once you reach the marker, you will see all of the targets being highlighted with a yellow marker which makes it easy for you to spot and destroy them.

Be careful though because when you start destroying those targets, enemy drones will fire back at you so you have to deal with them as well. There are 6 targets at CATO, 9 at Tidis, and 4 at the Wind Tower.

The buildings will be marked for you in this order

  • CATO
  • Tidis
  • Wind Tower

Clone the Rempart HQ Server

Once you take them all out and deal with the enemy drones, then you need to Clone the Rempart HQ Server. To do that, simply go to the yellow marker with your drone and stay in the area until the process is complete.

After that, you will gain control of Wrench again and listen to the dialogue between him and Jordi. This concludes the mission. Completing this mission will reward you with 1500 ETO.

Ghost Car of London

Yep, in this mission, you’ll be chasing a ghost car across London for Jordi Chin.  You will have to go to 3 different places and decloak the car to locate it.

First Car Location

Head over to the first location and keep going towards the direction where the signal is the strongest. Once you get within hacking range of the invisible “car”, the prompt will show up and it will be decloaked. Except it isn’t a car but a bench. Head over to the second location

Second Car Location

Once there, look towards the right side of the red building and you will see the hackable prompt. You won’t find the car this time either. Instead, it will be a toilet. Now that you’ve been disappointed twice, head towards the third and final location.

Third Car Location

Reach the third spot and look around the road to spot the weirdly invisible car. It will bolt and now you have to chase it down. Thankfully the car will be marked with a yellow marker so you only have to chase the marker. Stop the car by hacking it and then get inside.

Deliver the Car

And now you have to drive the car to the yellow marker. It is a bit far but there aren’t any more enemies waiting for you around the corner. Reach the marked location and get out of the car to finish the mission and receive the Shredder Senpai LMG.


In this mission, you’ll be stealing a robot for Jordi Chin and then delivering it to a marked location. To start, summon Wrench’s cargo drone from the weapons wheel and go to the rooftop. Then interact with the ctOS panel to take control of the robot inside the building.

Guide the Robot

Now, you need to walk the robot out of the building and towards your cargo drone. The Albion Drone Facility is an enemy area so get ready for some action. As soon as you try to leave with the robot, enemies will start converging on you. Take em out and advance towards the yellow marker.

Destroy the security systems to unlock the doors. Keep killing any enemies you face as you push forward. Mr. Robot is tough so you don’t need to worry about his health. Keep wrecking the opposition and push towards the main gate of the facility.

Deliver the Robot

As soon as you reach the yellow marker, the drone will take over and now you need to deliver it. You have to carry Wrenchelle to the marked location to finish the mission and get our reward; Robot Betray Upgrade.

Faster Than L33T

Your next mission for Jordi Chin will have you participate in a bunch of Hackathalon races across London. Your first order of business is to get registered.

Get yourself Registered

Head to the yellow marker and check out the leaderboards. Then, you need to get yourself registered for the races by interacting with the registration portal. Now all you have to do is the race!

The Races

The Hackathalon is divided into multiple races just like any other marathon race and you will be shifting between the following race types:

  • Boat Race
  • Car Race
  • Drone Race

All you have to do is go through each checkpoint while zipping through traffic and any other hazards you see. This is a timer-based race so you have to be agile.

Once you finish the drone race and end the Hackathalon, your mission will also be completed and you will be awarded the CT Drone Hacks Upgrade.

Devon v Devin: London Culling

The final mission you’ll be doing for Jordi Chin is a fun one. You will be tasked to steal a fancy-looking car and then go to different movie sets to solve puzzles.

First, you need to steel the fancy car with is not difficult at all. Simply go and sit in the car and drive away. After that, you need to drive to the first movie set and solve the puzzle.

First Movie Set Puzzle

Once you reach the first movie set, drive towards the ramp and then get out of the car. You need to hack the car and make it jump off the ramp to complete the puzzle and then move on to the second movie set.

Second Movie Set Puzzle

Drive to the second movie set and open the door to go inside. The game will switch to a top-down view. You need to solve this classic watch dogs puzzle where you have to turn the switches until the flow is complete. Once you open the correct switches, the puzzle will be completed.

Final Movie Set Puzzle

This is the home stretch. Drive to the third and final movie set and hop out of the car once you are close to the yellow marker. Summon Wrench’s cargo drone from the weapon wheel and get on it.

Now you need to go to the yellow marker and kill 2 Rempart-bots. Once you kill the robots, the mission will be completed and you will receive the Captain Boom Boom Grenade Launcher.

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