Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Claire Waters Missions Guide

In this guide, we will be walking you through all of Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Claire Waters Missions for her resistance in the DLC

Claire Waters has a string of missions for you in the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC. Here we try to cover in order all that you will be doing for Claire Waters Resistance Missions in Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Claire Waters Missions

Claire Waters offers you various missions in order to further her resistance in WD Legion Bloodline. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete all of Claire Waters Resistance Missions, which include:

  • The Hypocritical Oath
  • Hostile Takeover
  • All Seeing Eye

The Hypocritical Oath

You meet Claire, who is a journalist, and Tommy leads you to her. You meet her to discuss Rampart’s premium protection plans. She will ask you to download some files for her, hence starting the Hypocritical Oath mission for Claire.

Reach Carcani Medical To Download Documents

Make your way to Carcani Medical, from outside hijack one of the cargo-carrying drones. Capture it unload its cargo and bring it over to your position.

Climb on top of it and make your way to the roof entrance of the building. Once near enough, use your mini drone to scout ahead, inside the building.

Get the mini drone near enough to download the files without it being detected and shot down. And your job is complete. Ride the cargo drone back outside the building safely.

Reach Cruciform Hospital To Warn NHS Team

Turns out an NHS team leader is in danger and you have to rush to the meeting place to warn them. Use the same cargo drone to ride to Cruciform Hospital. Scanning from above will reveal the dead body of Dr. Layla Ibrahim.

Clue Location In The Hypocritical Oath

The location for the clue is under the red SUV behind you. Hack it to move it forward and get the tablet from underneath it. The clue leads you to the other hostages and you start the rescue mission.

Rescue The NHS Team

At the location there will be a lot of enemies, even if you take a hostile approach instead of a stealthy one, the hostages won’t be harmed, so deal with the enemies and free the hostages.

Completing these objectives nets you the upgrade Gun Jam. This brings the first mission to a conclusion.

Hostile Takeover

Find and talk to Claire again to start the next mission. Rampart has bout E-Storm and Claire needs you to head inside their headquarters and photograph what Rampart is after for the Hostile Takeover mission.

Photograph E-Storm Products

Enter the building when the guards have their back to you and make your way up to the first floor. Hide behind the wall and use your spider drone. The drone can enter the room through a ventilation cover. You can use your drone to distract guards away from key points. Once done, circle around to the door’s control mechanism and unlock it.

Move in yourself and use your camera to snap the picture of the blueprints displayed on the wall. The second click can be made easily if you go up to the ramparts above the trucks, and vault into one. Then zoom in on the target.

Climb back up to the ramparts, and make your way to the office on the other side, climb the stairs down to reach the ground floor without detection again.

On the lower floor of the office, keep going towards the farthest room so that the gold outline disappears and turns into an objective marker telling you your third target.

Erase Data from Rampart Servers

You find out Rampart has access to valuable data on Jackson Pierce and you race to erase it from their servers. Look for the laptop to delete the data in the offices on the ground floor.

The next stop is Rampart’s servers. Go to the target location. Use your spider drone to get inside and hack the server. This will trigger an alarm and you’ll need to stay in the vicinity of the area for Claire to be able to complete the hack.

The security will be on high alert. So don’t stay in one place and keep moving. Once the wipe is finished, get out of the building premises to complete the mission, and get the Attract hack.

All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye Mission for Claire Waters starts when you talk to her after the Hostile Takeover mission. You have to meet her contact to get the valuable information you need on Rampart.

Talk To Miles

He will ask you to stalk and download a woman’s schedule. She will try to run so just keep making her crash into a wall, until the download finishes

Reach Miles Flat / Access The ctOS Hub

You find Mile’s actions to be suspicious and hence set a path to his base/flat. To find out more about him. Hack into the Ctos Hub and access the flat cameras. Look around for clues inside the flat.

Change cameras to get better views. You’ll find out that Miles has been stalking and harassing the woman he asked you to chase. By this point, he will have found you and Claire out and will be plotting to kill you both.

Neutralize Miles / Miles Location

Go to the target location and climb the building to get a better vantage point in the area. Scan and identify miles and then take him out.

Escape to a safe distance away and then use your mini drone, and return to Miles’s body and download the files on him for Claire. This concludes the mission and Claire thanks you for your help and you receive the Dart Gun Reward.

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