Best Characters to Recruit in Watch Dogs Legion

This guide will focus on highlighting the Best Characters to Recruit in Watch Dogs Legion for all sorts of playstyle opportunities.

One of the amazing features that Watch Dogs: Legion has to offer is that you can play as anyone. This guide will focus on highlighting the Best Characters to Recruit in Watch Dogs Legion.

Since the game is situated in London, you have the privilege of recruiting anyone who is in London and eventually play as them.

Watch Dogs Legion Best Recruits

A selection of attributes to go along with their backstory, including their occupation, political alliances, relationships, and more, is given to every Watch Dogs: Legion character.

If you want to get the finest characters for your squad, you have to pay heed to these characteristics.

You can recruit whoever you choose, so if you want to get all your bases covered, you should have some particular characters in your unit.

This guide is about all the best options that you have when it comes down to the recruitments, in order to know where you can find these recommended recruits and how to unlock them, head over to our Skilled Operatives guide.

Construction worker

One of the most valuable recruits to have, the construction worker offers excellent utility with their valuable skills.

They can summon a cargo drone, which lets you reach high places and get those hard-to-reach Tech points and Paste up locations.

Their uniformed access decreases the enemy’s perception at building sites, which make up a good portion of restricted zones.

Paramedic or doctor

Paramedics or doctors minimize the time hurt characters take to get back to health and out into the fray. Absolutely essential if you’re the guns blazing type.

They’re basically the same, but an edge the paramedic has over the doctor is that their uniform in hospitals decreases enemy recognition, and they have an ambulance for those emergency getaways.

Barrister, magistrate, or lawyer

Sometimes a mission can go south an operative gets caught. You can’t use these operatives for some time, but they’ll eventually get out.

However, you can significantly minimize the amount of time spent in prison with a Barrister, lawyer or magistrate. Some of these recruits can get you an instant bail too.

Police officer

While their uniform doesn’t allow them that much entry into many restricted areas, you’ll get into Scotland Yard or other police stations. In melee encounters, they often usually come with a baton that is useful.

Drone expert

These recruits are an uncommon find but definitely worth having on your team. Drone experts can call a small shock drone at any time, which you can use in battle and reconnaissance.

They also have the nifty “betray” hack, which turns the opponent’s drones on them.


Watch Dogs: Legion encourages the stealthier approach to most objectives, but sometimes you just want to walk into a restricted area and cause havoc; hitmen are your go-to operatives for that sort of fun. They have instant gun takedowns, Dodge roll skills, and an arsenal of powerful weapons.

Albion officer

Albion officers have uniformed access to restricted areas of Albion that are all over the city. They also come with some neat combat gear.

They’re definitely the prime recruits to utilize when you need something done in restricted Albion territory.

You can try to hire one on your own, but the “Inside Albion” quest helps you with this.


They can control robotic bees… that should have sold you already on this recruit. This awesome recruit can stun and injure opponents, all with the help of their robotic swarm.

Protest leader

Watch Dogs: Legion is all about revolution, with opposition leaders and demonstrators are all over the place. Get one of these protest leaders on your side and rally the people with their megaphone to fight by your side.

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