Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Photograph Locations Guide

For this Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Photograph Locations Guide, we’ll be helping you in photographing all the required locations.

For this Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Photograph Locations Guide, we’ll be helping you in photographing all of Bagley’s Memory Fragments. Completing this side-quest unlocks the trophy ‘The One That Got Away’.

Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Photograph Locations

Bagley Photographs are a fun side activity that open up in Legion after you have finished the main story.

Finding Bagley

Once you’ve finished the main story, you will be able to grab the side-quest from the console at the DedSec Safehouse.

The quest wants you to find eight specific locations around the map and capture them in your camera. There is no precise location, just hints of the actual locations with eight blurred photographs.

You will also get an on-screen pop-up whenever you are near a location you’re supposed to photograph.

You can find your hints in the Data Menu, under Bagley’s Collectibles. However, you don’t really need the hints. We got you covered on the exact locations in this guide.

Bagley’s Memory Fragments

If you’re taking a picture, and the side-quest isn’t progressing any further, then you need to simply reposition the camera’s angle until you get the indication.

National Gallery
The first photograph is in Westminster. Place yourself in front of the National Gallery and click away.

Millennium Wheel
Head to the Millennium Wheel, which is basically the giant lit-up Ferris wheel found in Lambeth, and take a photo to discover the second memory.

World of Tomorrow
The third memory fragment is located in the World of Tomorrow, found in Islington & Hackney.

Brixton Recreation
Head to Lambeth, and photograph the Brixton Recreation building.

Crosier & Cherry
The fifth photograph can be found inside a bar, the Crosier & Cherry bar in Camden to be specific.

Duck Cottage
Go to Westminster, and photograph the Duck Island Cottage found in the park.

Wellington Arch
The 7th photograph is yet again in Westminster. Take a picture of the Wellington Arch found near Buckingham Palace.

Guy’s Hospital
The final photograph is found in Southwark at the Guy’s Hospital.

Once you’ve collected 8 pictures, you will get a final picture request. It can be found in the Walkie Talkie bar in London. Simply take an elevator to the bar, and take a picture from the balcony.

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