Watch Dogs Legion All Camden Tech Point Locations Guide

Tech points are used inside the game to buy and enhance different upgrades and this Watch Dogs Legion guide has the location of all in Camden

In this guide, we have listed all the Watch Dogs Legion Camden Tech Point Locations. Technology points are rather easy to come by, but for your side, they will take some effort to obtain.

Tech points are used inside the game to buy and enhance different upgrades, tools, guns, and hacks, and you will need a plethora of them to optimize all.

Watch Dogs Legion All Camden Tech Point Locations

Watch Dogs: Legion has eight districts in all. All the tech points in a region will get marked if you increase the Borough status to Defiant making it easier to find them.

If your current position is in Camden, then a total of 19 Tech Points can be located. Though these Tech Points should not be overlooked because of the marks on the map, you can also face a tough time getting your hands on these.

Tech Point – 1: Carcani Medical
Travel to top of the roof of Carcani Medical by using a Cargo Drone. Crawl the Tech Point under the vent using a Spiderbot.

Tech Point – 2: Cruciform Hospital
Travel to top of the front gate of Cruciform Hospital by using a Cargo Drone. Tech Point can be accessed near the garbage box.

Tech Point – 3: Crescent Park
Jump over the Crescent Park gate. On the scaffolding of the restricted area, Tech Point is.

Tech Point – 4: United Souls Search
Fly over the top of the United Souls Church using a Cargo Drone. Tech Point is situated right below the tower clock.

Tech Point – 5: GBB House
Fly over top of the GBB House using a Cargo Drone. It’s all on the roof, lying there.

Tech Point – 6: Albion Internment Centre
Go and infiltrate the Core of Internment Albion. The Technical Point is situated in the office where the mark of Albion Private Services can be seen.

Tech Point – 7: Blume Complex
Travel to top of the roof of the Blume Complex by using a Cargo Drone. You can see Tech Point lying on the building’s metal surface.

Tech Point – 8: Furzton Tower Block
Head to the side of the Furzton Tower Block, utilising the Cargo Drone. The Tech Point lies next to the ventilation on the building’s ledge.

Tech Point – 9: Camden Market
Go to Shop Camden. The Tech Point in front of the shop selling t-shirts is just on top of the register.

Tech Point – 10: Camden High Street
Travel to High Street in Camden. The Tech Point is situated on the roof at the top of the plywood.

Tech Point – 11: ETO Bank Construction Site
Find the way to the yellow scaffolding at the ETO Bank Construction Site using a Cargo Drone. Only lying on the scaffolding is the Tech Stage.

Tech Point – 12: St. Pancras International
Infiltrate the International St. Pancras. In one of the cells inside the house, Tech Point is situated. Remember that only if you have already unlocked different versions do you get this.

Tech Point – 13: Argyle Inn
Fly over the top of the Argyle Inn using a Delivery Drone. On a vent of the house, Tech Point can be identified.

Tech Point – 14: Leather Lane
Infiltrate the Lane with Leather. Throw the Spiderbot into an open vent until inside. To check for Tech Stage, use it.

Tech Point – 15: Royal Courts of Justice
Go down the direction of the Royal Courts of Justice to the entrance. The low-roof by the street is where the Tech Point can be located.

Tech Point – 16: The British Museum
Go over the fence of The British Museum, using a Cargo Drone. Within the tent on the right side, Tech Point is on the surface.

Tech Point – 17: Albion Station Camden
Infiltrate Camden at Albion Station and head into the evidence room. Behind the crates, Tech Point is placed.

Tech Point – 18: Ministry of Civic Management
Infiltrate the Ministry of Civic Administration using a Cargo Drone. On a table above the statue is Tech Stage.

Tech Point – 19: University College London
Head to London’s University College. Using a Cargo Drone, the building will fly on the roof. You can even sneak and catch Tech Point close the ctOS console using Spiderbot.

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